Saturday, October 27, 2012

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net 25's pasugo sent bro. vic alejandro and elaine cruz to get sound bites from me about anger management.

everyone gets angry at one time or another.  but when the anger gets too intense, or too prolonged, or when it is set off by even little nuances, or when it starts getting displaced onto innocent people, or when it starts posing a threat to the safety of people, then you know that the anger has reached abnormal proportions.

i've written a blog entry on anger management which you might want to review:

so far, in my clinical practice, angry people are best helped by a combination of psychotherapy and medication.  the purpose of psychotherapy is to dig deep and deal with the roots of the problem.  but since psychotherapy is a long process, medications are a quicker option for anger management especially for angry people who are unmanageably aggressive, violent, or destructive.