Monday, December 5, 2011

... allison brooks on health coaching and all its benefits ...

Health Coaching and all Its Benefits
by Allison Brooks

Health coaching operates on the belief that the patient already possesses the subconscious information necessary to reach desired goals and make vital decisions. However, a health coach provides accountability by assisting the individual being coached to adhere to a plan, regardless of whether the plan involves meditation, exercise, lifestyle changes, or simply having more fun. Health coaches can also form plans for serious issues, like an unfavorable cancer prognosis, to help people cope with the anxiety of living with a disease, enable quicker recovery from surgery, and reduce the side effects associated with traditional treatments.

To spur a new beginning, a health coach asks questions that fuel the self-discovery necessary to find solutions. Life-changing energy, laughter, healing and love comes with this inner knowledge, resulting in the client becoming more resourceful, effective and pleased with his/her day-to-day life while discovering solutions to its obstacles. In addition, expert advice can also be sought if this is necessary. 

The initial coaching session focuses on goals and listing them in a positive way. For instance, an individual who desires a relaxed and pain-free existence might say something similar to:  

"I wake up every morning feeling energetic, relaxed and well able to pursue my dreams,” rather than simply saying he or she hopes to have a day free of rib pain. The statement may be similar to the following: “I am able to take deep breaths of air which will nourish my body with oxygen and I feel more relaxed and comfortable with every breath I take." The key to creating the outcome one desires is through visualization. In addition, trained coaches may integrate energy techniques, such as Matrix Energetics or Reiki into each therapy session.

Many health coaches practice energy healing techniques to balance the body and spirit, to make one more open to change. They assist patients in identifying “energy zappers” and help them to find avenues through which more energy and pleasure can be added to their lives. Whether therapy is pursued over the telephone or face to face, a coach guides a patient through challenges and uncertainties, which allows the client to create and execute an action plan that can result in improvements in his or her personal life.

Since health coaching falls under the “ life coaching” umbrella, some of the topics discussed are intertwined. Life coaching is a broader area of individual well-being and achievement expertise. Life coaches come from all types of experiences and backgrounds, which help them, assist their clients to manage relationships and navigate through difficult transitions.

No matter what, a life or health coach is a great way to help manage personal and wellness goals. They are your support system and are knowledgeable on many fronts of well-being improvement. From alternative to integrative medicines, wellness coaches understand you and your body and know the best way to tackle an issue.