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I was a psychology student at the University of the Philippines when I got introduced to the concept of the subconscious mind.  But only in the 1990s did I learn about hypnotherapy and NeuroLinguistic Programming as ways of communicating with and working on the subconscious.

In the 1990s, I studied under 3 luminaries in the field of hypnotherapy:  They were:

  1. Atenean Jesuit Fr. Jaime Bulatao, pioneer of Ericksonian hypnotherapy in the Philippines, 
  2. Dr. Harry Lorenzo, professor of classical hypnotherapy at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and 
  3. Dr. Imelda Villar, pioneer of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in the Philippines.    

Fr. Jaime Bulatao, Dr. Harry Lorenzo, and Dr. Imelda Villar

I was such an eager student of hypnotherapy that I took up further studies in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and in the year 2000, I co-founded the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Philippines (MHEIP).  Shortly thereafter, I started offering training workshops on the art and science of Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Ericksonian psychotherapy.

In the recent month, I was exceedingly pleased to learn about Trance Manila, a group of professional hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners who help people recover from addictions, low self-esteem, weight issues, insomnia, phobias, and stress.  Headed by Dr. Strix Toledo and Jason Principe, I quickly sought them out and pleaded with them to do introductory lectures on hypnotherapy and NLP to the batch of Life Coaches I was then training.  

Dr. Strix Toledo

Dr. Strix is a medical practitioner specializing in pain management, integrative medicine, and osteopathy.  Dr. Strix delivered a stream-of-consciousness talk on maintaining a "high quality of mind" by making the conscious mind "just shut the 'F' up!"  The Life Coach trainees were simply entranced as they listened to Dr. Strix babble his hypnotic monologue.  At the end of Dr. Strix' talk, everyone was relaxed and energized. And what was more surprising was that up until the very end of the workshop, the Life Coach trainees were still feeling light and calm and still talking among themselves about operating from a "high quality of mind."

Dr. Strix Toledo with the Life Coach trainees

Sir Jason Principe

As for Sir Jason Principe, he is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.  He did a demonstration using a dramatic "look-me-in-the-eye" hypnotic induction on one of the Life Coach trainees who instantly sunk into a deep trance.  Sir Jason also divulged never-been-revealed secrets on how the "budol-budol" gang uses hypnosis to cash in on their unsuspecting victims.  At the end of Sir Jason's talk, it seemed like the Life Coach trainees became more inspired to become "budol-budol" gang members than to be Life Coaches.

Sir Jason Principe with the Life Coach trainees

The Life Coach trainees and I got more than what we bargained for by inviting Dr. Strix and Sir Jason.  Thank you very much to both of you.  We are extremely grateful that in the brief lectures you delivered, you reminded us of the limitless potential of our subconscious mind, a limitless potential just waiting to be tapped.  


  1. Hi Dr. Randy, I want to be a Life Coach but I missed the training you've just conducted last March. It was a month after your training when I saw it online and it's too late. I hope to learn about your next training program. I am very willing to be trained. Please, please, please? If you could inform me thru email at or thru my mobile phone number 0932-915-2844 or 0919-673-6375 I would highly appreciate it. Thank you very much! Looking forward to be your trainee.


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  3. Sir, how can i contact you? Pls send it thru my email add... Thanks

  4. Hi Doc. I'm really depressed right now, I already thought of taking my life. My work is already affected and my boss already had a word with me that she might let me go if I won't shape up. I need your help. Please let me know how can I contact you, what are the procedures and how much should I prepare. I desperately need help. Please send me a message at this number, 09152346354. Thank you so much.

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    Can you help e with this? Somebody suggested to try hypnosis to dig deeper into the dream. If you can help me, how much will it cost? This dream has been giving me frustrations and sleepless nights lately.
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  6. Hi Sir,
    I've seen a picture of something that I want to forget or flush out of my mind coz it bothers me alot.. I've been spending most of my waking hours trying so hard not think of it and it haunts my dreams.. and I'm exhausted.. and more often i end up finding myself planning ways to end my life..can you help me please? At what cost? Please email me

  7. Good Day Doc! I'm quite interested in havin a clinical psychotherapy with u yet i dnt know how much it wud cost. I have heard about NLP before. I have been practicing visiualization and EFT for a couple of years already on my own but it wud be great if u will help me up-the-ante on the potential of my subconscious mind. I have alot of books regarding reforming your belief system and the subconscious mind but i wud appreciate more if u will be able to do a clinical psychotherapy to me. Pls contact me at to know the price of your session and your clinic address or contact #. Thanks!

  8. I am interested about past lives and Life between lives(life in the afterlife). Do you conduct any of these sessions? If so how can I be involve?

  9. Hi Randy, I've been searching for someone who can do this.. can you help me I want to get better and move on with my life. I don't how please contact me.

  10. Good day sir! I was wondering if TranceManila is still active? When I got to the site, it seems that it expired... I'm really interested in hypnotherapy classes if your association is still conducting any and particularly, I would like to explore regressive hypnotherapy as I go long...

    I hope you're still able to read this along with the other comments before me.
    Thanks for taking the time in reading... Please send me an email at if it doesn't bother you. Thank you.

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