Monday, July 15, 2013

... do you want to be a doctor of naturopathy? ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, philippines, manila, quezon city)

Naturopathy is the world’s oldest recognized healing system which combines the use of natural agents such as proper diet, exercise, herbs, and other natural therapies for a wide range of health problems.  Naturopathy was systematized in 1928 by a German doctor named Dr. Benedict Lust who is considered to be the Father of Naturopathy in the United States. 

In the Philippines, it is the Green Life Centre for Alternative Medicine (GLCAM) which provides training in naturopathic medicine.  GLCAM is run by Dr. Artonlee Dulce whose life story has been featured in 700 Club Philippines. He took up his studies in naturopathic medicine in the U.S. and England and is a pioneer of naturopathy in the Philippines.  Personally speaking, I know Dr. Art as a competent, dedicated, and inspiring figure. 

Dr. Art recently invited me to do a talk on the topics of “natural healing for psychiatric disorders” and “energy healing.”  Three hours were barely enough since the students showed their keen interest in the topics through the intelligent questions and personal stories shared during the open forum. 

The GLCAM naturopathic training program includes courses on 

- Diet and nutrition, 
- Enzyme therapy, 
- Orthomolecular nutrition, 
- Dried blood cell analysis, 
- Basic anatomy and physiology, 
- Cancer nutrition therapy, 
- Homeopathic medicine, 
- Acupressure, 
- Aromatherapy and more.  

For those interested in becoming a naturopathic doctor, you may contact GLCAM at 400-6176 and 0922-356-6468, or visit them at PITAHC Building, Matapang Street, East Avenue Medical Center,  Quezon City.

I wish Dr. Art Dulce more power as he trains his students to become competent and compassionate healers who use God’s natural resources for the betterment of mankind.


  1. Hello Doctor, thanks for this blog. I have yet to continue my training at Dr. Art's GLCAM School of Naturopathy. It would have been great to hear your talk on Energy Healing. I also practice Reiki Healing besides Physical Therapy, Acupuncture & Spine Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy in the provinces of La Union and Pangasinan. Truly, Natural Healing works. More Power to you!

    1. Sir can you help me in treating my ovarian cyst and myomma in naturopathic way? How much would it cost? I'm from pangasinan. Please txt me to this number 09461691775. Thanks

    2. Sir can you help me in treating my ovarian cyst and myomma in naturopathic way? How much would it cost? I'm from pangasinan. Please txt me to this number 09461691775. Thanks

    3. Sir can you help me in treating my ovarian cyst and myomma in naturopathic way? How much would it cost? I'm from pangasinan. Please txt me to this number 09461691775. Thanks

  2. Hi! My dad wants to study Naturapathy. How much is the tuition or the payment? And how long does it takes to finish this coure?
    Please reply. This ain't a joke.
    Please text or call 09364468001

    Thanks :) Hoping for a response.

  3. Sir can you help me in treating my ovarian cyst and myoma in naturopathic way? How much would it cost? I don't want to have surgery and preferred naturopathic medicine so please help me. Please text me to this number 09461691775.

  4. Hi Sir im interested sa training meronmpa rin po a graduate os B.S Mursing but not registered i want to enroll in the program

  5. The degree, of which your recommended specialist finished from at Trinity School of Natural Health is a non licensure online degree, non-accredited by the US Department of Education, that can even be completed in 7 days. Do look up Trinity School of Natural Health 's websites and its own citations regarding licensure, program of study and accreditation. Should we not, as medical practitioners here in the Philippines be also careful in checking credentials and endorsing these, as well as in being complicit or participatory in activities that cannot be but or no less than above board and can withstand scrutiny? Would you as a member of the local medical profession here endorse someone as "Dr" or MD when there is no educational and legal basis to do so, here and abroad?

    1. well stated.... im looking for the "ND" program, 2 to 4 year program, certified by PITAHC, and for those registered as allied health professionals as pre requsite on taking the degree.



  7. Hello there. I tried to search for this institution to no avail. What has become of it? Any updates on where I can get more information?

  8. It is infuriating to find out that Artonlee Dulce has been recognized by PITAHC and allowed by the Philippine Department of Health to take an oath as a Doctor of Naturopathy. Dulce is a "graduate" of a non-accredited online-only nonprofit who calls itself Trinity School of Natural Health. Again, Trinity is not accredited by the AANMC, the only accrediting body for Naturopathy recognized by the US Department of Education.

    Please allow me to explain this to your readers. A true Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) is a graduate of a 4-year on-campus (not online or by correspondence) doctoral degree on top of a related bachelor's degree (e.g. health science, biology, medical technology) plus postgraduate residencies and shadowing. He must have passed the NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations) under NABNE (the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners). One who did not go through all these is simply not a naturopathic doctor but a SCAM ARTIST QUACK.

    Dulce's naturopathic "degree" is bogus and is actually illegal to use in many US states. It cannot be honestly claimed that "[h]e took up his studies in naturopathic medicine in the U.S. and England" because he was just an online/correspondence student of a non-accredited self-styled "school" with no campus, no medical facility, and no real faculty.

    He could have been living in the US or England or the Philippines or wherever in the world when he was taking those extremely simplistic courses with no proctored testing and it would not have made any difference since it was all online anyway, with the exception of perhaps a few cheap seminars by CHNP, which is just also Trinity.

    To claim that "[h]e took up his studies in naturopathic medicine in the U.S. and England" implies that he actually ATTENDED an accredited naturopathic medical university in those countries.

    Artonlee Dulce is NOT A DOCTOR of anything and it is extremely ignorant of PITAHC and the Philippine Department of Health to allow him to take oath as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine as we has so proudly posted on Facebook. PITAHC and the DOH must be informed about all these as they are clearly not aware and has been scammed by Dulce. I am Christian myself and what this guy is doing is very un-Christian. A true Christian tells the truth, does not use deception to earn money, and does not deliberately compromise the health and life of others.

    For further information on accredited naturopathic schools please refer to

    1. Thank you for this information, exactly what I had been looking for. My brother has stage 4 liver cancer and has taken all measures, from surgery to chemo to TAZE and now, gene therapy, which also does not seem to work, to keep him alive. Instead, we are told that now it is no longer only about cancer, but the liver itself is slowly deteriorating. It is to his credit that he has kept a positive & cheerful attitude, which I believe has been the reason his body remains healthy despite all those treatments. Until we heard of this medical food, etc which I was trying to confirm until i saw your comments. I assume you are also a doctor? Thank you for the info, at least now, i know where to look when we want to confirm credentials. The last thing we want for our brother is someone giving him false hopes. That really is cruel. Again, thank you.

  9. DOH AND PITAHC ARE SO NAIVE. They did not even know about the true definition of doctor of naturopathy. What a shame!

  10. Sir how I can contact GLAM and enroll?

  11. I would like to inquire how much,schedule and how long the course would take.Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Chan
    mobile no.0906.516.0598