Sunday, June 5, 2011

... catalina bagasina is a cut above the rest (and so is her oplan tuli project) ... (life coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, philippines)

in a mad rush to get circumcised before classes open this june, a multitude of boys scrambled to the operation tuli site despite the gloomy weather. the very young boys had to be turned down though just because their privates were still too tiny, or because their foreskin was still unretractable. no, those aren't contraindications to circumcision, but it would require a longer time to work on them and we didn't want the other boys in line to wait too long.
.this operation tuli project was sponsored by the association of laborers and employees (ALE). ALE is led by congresswoman catalina bagasina who was a former housemaid and fish vendor before becoming an inspiring public servant. her cinderella story was even featured in abs-cbn's biographical drama program "maalala mo kaya."
.despite her success, she has never forgotten her humble beginnings and continues to uplift the lot of her fellow workers and employees.
.so, after a long day's work of "bloodshed," we still have nice big smiles to give, don't we?

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  1. In some cultures uncircumcised men are said to be "dirty". Of course an uncircumcised man has to wash "down there" to be clean. And so do circumcised men. And women also. In some cultures uncircumcised boys are teased for having a foreskin. Are circumcised boys never teased, for any different reason? And what about women?

    Despite the fact that circumcision of young boys is still considered important in some cultures, about 80 percent of all men world-wide remain uncut for their whole life, including most men who live in South America, Western Europe, Russia, and China. Most of them are happy with their penisses being left naturally, and most of them never experience any problems with their uncircumcised penisses. Assuming that this is sufficient evidence that circumcision is not a general need or requirement for a healthy and happy life, how can we justify routinal circumcision?

    If a boy agrees to become circumcised in terms of tuli, do you think that he really wants to get his genitals modified? Or doesn't he just stand the fear, pain and discomfort in order to belong to the majority of boys around him having this in common, so he won't be treated as an outsider? Please mind that this is a crucial difference in motivation. But it is neither a reason nor an excuse for routinal infant circumcision.

    Infant circumcision has also been a very common practice in the USA until the end of the last century. Since then, US circumcision rates are decreasing for years now. Do you know why?

    The fact that a man, who has been circumcised as a boy, doesn't miss his foreskin does not mean that he would not miss it if he had have the chance to explore its real function and resulting feelings.

    Summarising it from an unemotional perspective, tuli refers to nothing but the unnecessary amputation of a nerved (hence sensitive) and blood-supplied part of the genitals of a human being who can't really understand the consequences of what is done due to his minor age. Doesn't this match the definition of genital mutilation of a child? If you don't think so, what is exactly the difference?

    Don't just believe me or anyone else. Inform yourself.