Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Housemates enter PBB 737: Jameson Blake, Zeus Collins, Tommy Esguerra

So, after 3 housemates get booted out of the house, three new kids enter:  

Jameson Andrew Blake: Ang Responsible Son of Pampanga

Newcomer Jameson seems to be the son, brother, boyfriend, or best bro everyone would like to have.  

Being respectful, responsible, hardworking, quiet, and loving, it certainly will be easy for viewers to like him. 

From my talk with him, what I found a bit funny was when Jameson admitted having "flawless" legs.  Hmm, I wonder what he meant by flawless? 

Zeus Collins: Ang Hataw King ng Rizal

Zeus has never been to college, but of course, he was never destined to be an academic geek.  

This dude however is blessed with kinesthetic intelligence making Zeus the Greek god of the dance floor!  

Let's find out how suave his moves will be as he interacts with the other housemates inside Kuya's house!

Tommy Esguerra:  Pretty Boy of Las Pinas

What do I think of him? ... Looks like a younger and slimmer Pinoy version of Fabio!