Saturday, July 2, 2016

MAY LAMIG KA BA SA KATAWAN? You May Need Clinical Massage.


“Lamig” is a Filipino word for muscular spasms, knots, and nodules. “Lamig” may also mean pain, numbness, or limited range of movement. “Lamig” is called “lamig” because the affected area is most probably cold to touch. This implies that the tight muscles are preventing the smooth flow of blood, oxygen, nerve impulses, and nutrition to that area. 

One way I get the “lamig” out of my patient’s bodies is through acupuncture and ventosa (Chinese cupping). The other therapy which I’ve been using since the early 2000s is clinical (medical) massage. When I was starting out as a clinical massage therapist, my clientele used to comprise runners, bikers, and tennis players. Now, I seem to be getting more MMA athletes, ordinary gym buffs, and health enthusiasts. Although I am primarily a psychiatrist, 1/3 of all my patients actually ask me for medical massage and acupuncture.

DIfference between spa massage and clinical massage

Spa massage is for merely for relaxation purposes. On the other hand, clinical massage is for treating musculo-skeletal and postural problems. Clinical massage therapy always begins with an assessment of the problematic area, and then an assessment of the whole body in general. 

Clinical massage uses a combination of
  • Deep tissue massage,
  • Postural release therapy
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Myofascial release
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Muscle energy technique, and many others.
Wow, that's a lot of techniques, isn't it? 

Beware of some masahistas!

For those of you folks who are spa enthusiasts, here’s my tip for you: Massage should never be painful. Your “masahista” should never make “durog” a nodule or she may be causing more harm than good. In fact, your masahista may actually be the source of your “lamig.” Gentle and scientific massage techniques are always better and safer.

Have a good day everyone, and take good care! Perhaps one day, you’ll be the one lying on my table as I give you a medical massage treatment. – Mahatma Randhi :D