Thursday, October 11, 2012

... cybersextortion in the philippines ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila)

more and more it happens, this cybersextortion phenomenon.  and that's why tv5's bitag, hosted by mr. ben tulfo, interviewed me about it. fact is, i've had a number of clients who have had this harrowing experience.  

cybersextortion, as the term implies, involves the internet, blackmail, and extortion. bitag presented me the case of a lady whose email account was hacked.  the hacker had discovered the lady's naked pictures in the emails which the hacker threatened to spread on the internet unless he was paid a whopping P100K.

lesson here is never to keep naked pictures of yourself stored in your email account. and better yet, never have any naked pictures of yourself taken.