Sunday, November 25, 2018

Pinoy Big Brother PBB Otso PBB 8 Teen Housemates and Star Dreamers

Achilles Iben C. Samain: Ang Mr. Musicutie ng Zamboanga

How can one not admire Achilles? He told me how important it was for him to be "respectful to everyone, especially to the old ones, homeless people, disabled people, and people suffering from mental health issues, because everyone deserves respect." This respect doesn't extend to his brother though. He narrated to me how he 'farted in his brother's face while he was sleeping." I just hope that this musician's fart is as musical as his personality is!

Ali C Abinal: Astig Makisig ng Las Pinas City

Just to let you know how much of an MMA beast Ali is, he can beat up guys who are 10 years older than he is. That's the reason why I kept a safe distance all the time while interviewing him. Kidding aside though, this teen toughie has a heart that is kind and understanding. He explained to me how he would "try hard na intindihin ang opinion ng iba bago sa akin." His absent-mindedness is endearing, too. One of his funny absent-minded moments is "yung paghanap ng ballpen ... na hawak ko pala!" Haha! One big vote from me for Ali!

Aljon Mendoza: Ang Shy Charmer ng Pampanga

Most people think that he's shy, but with his bosom buddies, he says, "wala akong hiya, mas makulit pa ako sa kanila!" So folks, he's not that shy after all! In fact, he can be frank with people and confront them about their bad traits. I asked him whether he had experiences in his life that contributed to his seeming shyness. He mentioned two. At one time, he fell off a tricycle and rolled over in the ground. And at another time, while washing his face in a public CR, he groped for tissue to wipe his face and then realized that the tissue he got belonged to a stranger beside him. You can imagine just how shocked the stranger was! Haha! Whether Aljon is really shy or not doesn't matter. He clearly is Pampanga's charmer!

Angelie Reposposa: Ang Teenig ng Tawanan ng Davao

I asked Lie to describe herself and this is what she said: "Hindi ako marunong mahiya sa maraming tao except to my crush, nahihiya ako." Prodding her to talk more on crushes, she shared, 'Naging emosyonal ako noong nalaman ko na iba pala ang crush ng crush ko. Sobrang nawalan ako ng pagasa kaya gumuho ang aking mundo." So there you have it: Being a hopeless romantic is the secret of this emotional singer!

Criza Joy Ta-a: Apo of the Eye ng QC

This petite cutie has some funny stories to share. For instance, there was this one time when Criza was walking in the mall and mistakenly held a stranger's hand for two loooong minutes before realizing that it was the hand of a stranger and not that of her friend. Awkward! But nevertheless Criza, we would love to hold your hand for being "makwela, maalalahanin, at sweet!" I hope you achieve your dreams!

Gabrielle Sarmiento: Ang Bibong Vlogger ng Italy 

Do you know why Gabrielle stands out in performances? Well, that's because he is hard-working and always does his best. During rehearsals for song and dance, he becomes a mean machine as he becomes super serious and fierce during practice sessions! Life doesn't always go his way though. For instance, he told me that in one of his performances, he felt so embarrassed because 'nauntog ko ang microphone stand on stage." That's Gabrielle: Funny guy with an admirable work ethic!

Jilian Pilones: Ang Sassy Sipag Girl ng GenSan 

Jelay's work history as a singer began in Grade 9, but she's had a lot of fun experiences despite her early career. For instance, she narrated to me the time "nung kumakain ako ng streetfood na kasama ang mga kaibigan ko, and then bigla na lang lumabas yung sipon ko! Nakakahiya dahil sobrang dami ang nakakita!" Haha! What I like about Jelay is that she knows how to laugh at herself: "Kapag sumasayaw ako, tawa ng tawa ako dahil sobrang nakakatawa talaga ako sumayaw." What a total performer Jelay is: People admire her for her singing ... and people laugh at her for her dancing. Thumbs up for this sassy sipag girl!

Joeilaine Missy S Quino: Gandachiever ng Cebu 

Missy is something like me in the sense that she's a natural counselor. She loves helping people and is the type of person you can easily approach when you have emotional problems. More importantly, you'll feel safe with her since she knows how to keep secrets. This pretty lady isn't always serious though. She can be funny, too! One story I remember her telling me was this: "Nakakatawa yung mga oras na ginugulat ako ng mga friends ko na walang ka-effort-effort, tapos nagugulat din agad ako. There's this one time na sinubukan ko naman gulatin yung kaibigan ko, tapos ibang tao pala yung nagulat ko!" Haha! Ten thumbs up for Missy!

Josh Andrew E Worsley: Ang Little Prince ng Davao 

What's sweet about Josh is the way he spells "sweet." I asked him to write something about himself and this is what he wrote, "I am swit all the time and cool with my friends." I also asked Josh to tell me a secret, and guess what he told me? "I have a girlfriend. Shhh!" That's pretty shhhweet, Josh! Or rather, pretty shhhwit!

Kaori Oinuma: Kawaii Daughter ng Japan 

What I like about Kaori is her being "palangiti." I remember her telling me, "Mababaw lamang ang aking kaligayahan, at sa bawat tao na aking napapangiti ay nagiging masaya na rin ako." The sweet girl also told me this funny story: "Noong nagtratrabaho ako, may isang Japanese na babae na nagsabi sa akin na ako ay "beppinsan" o maganda. pero ang pagkadinig ko ay "benpinsan" na ang ibig sabihin ay "madalang dumumi." Sa isip isip ko, paano kaya niya nalaman na madalang ako dumumi?' Haha! This kawaii Japinoy is a winner with her sweet smile and a good heart!

Karina Bautista: Ang Miss Independent ng Isabela 

Karina's funny life experiences seem to always involve her skirt. One day, she said, her skirt just dropped down her legs while she was playing basketball. Just how embarrassing is that? And at another time, Karina was walking with her skirt up such that her underwear was exposed to public view! "Que horror!" Karina describes herself as "fearless" and that she will defend the people she loves until the end! Wow, we all need a loyal friend like Karina, don't we? A hundred 'likes' for you, Karina!

Kurt Andrew Gerona: Ang Pilyong Gwapito ng Bohol 

Kurt may be 'masayahin' but he also cries easily. He told me how very emotional he is: "Maliit lang na bagay, napapaiyak na ako." Well, some of his tears in childhood came from being bullied. He explains, "Hindi naman sa pagmamayabang pero marami akong nakaaway dahil insecure talaga sila sa akin!" Haha! Kurt's good looks, in fact, has made him a winner of male pageants. And that deserves a big "Wow!"

Mark Clython A Guma: Ang Baeral Gwapito ng Davao 

He doesn't look it but Art is really a bookworm. In fact, one of his fave hangouts in school is the library. He told me how books help him to escape reality and that books have affected his view of life. You should also know that this dancer is not only a bookworm, but a certified prankster as well. Imagine the guts of this guy "fake fainting" in the mall! Fake fainting! But you know what? Despite how fun this guy might be, I probably wouldn't want to hang out with him. Why, you ask? For the simple and creepy reason that he also sees ghosts! Yikes!

Rhys Miguel Eugenio: Ang Sportisoy Hearthrob ng Tarlac 

What are the odds of making a hole-in one? Research says 12,500 to 1. People don't know though that Rhys has actually attained that feat! Too bad it just wasn't recorded on video. Another thing Rhys can do is backflip. In one backflip however, he landed badly and broke his ankle for which he needed surgery. Don't worry, Rhys! Even if you limp on the modeling ramp, the girls are still going to swoon big time over you!

Sandra Dagumampan:Ang Chikadorang Beshfriend ng Iloilo 

Sansan just loves teasing people about their crushes. "Yung parating pagtukso sa crushes nila!" seems to be her life mission. So one day, life just got back at her. She recounted an embarrassingly hilarious incident wherein "nahulog yung isang paa ko sa kanal, at maraming nakakita, pati na rin yung crush ko!" Awkward! But perhaps that incident wasn't as embarrasing as the time she performed in a school play and her costume had holes in it "kaya kita yung panty ko." Haha, I don't think Sansan will ever run out of funny life experiences!

Seth Yancy F Fedelin: Ang Hope-pool Son ng Cavite 

If you're around Seth, he'll probably make you his friend. He described himself to me as "palakaibigan ... gusto kong maging masaya yung buhay ko na maraming kaibigan." Asked what his achievements in life are, he proudly mentioned two: that he was 'top 3' in grade 1 and that finished elementary. Go Seth! I wish you to have more friends and greater achievements in life!

Kristine R. Vertudez: Ang Palaban Babe ng South Cotobato

When it comes to challenges in life, Kristine is a fighter. Even when she feels like losing hope, she remains matapang! Of course, this toughie chick has a fun and good side to her, too. She described herself to me as being "makulit, madaldal, palatawa, and makadios." Asked what some of her joys in life were, she answered, "hinahanap si crush at nakikikain sa kapitbahay." Haha! Go Kristine! I enjoyed talking with her so much that I forgot to have a picture with her.

Atasha Reign Parani: Sporteen Sweetheart ng Canada

This sporty chick has story after story to tell, and interesting ones at that! Atasha, for instance told me about the time that she was almost kidnapped. This happened in grade 1 when she was waiting for her mom to pick her up at school. She remembers very vividly how a guy with a beard, wearing a black jacket and turban, just held her hand and told her that he would be the one to bring her home. Whew, good thing that Atasha had the presence of mind to refuse the stranger and get away from him. Aside from that story, there was also this time when she participated in a French-speaking contest and completely forgot the last 2 paragraphs of her piece! So what she did was quick-thinkingly improvise and guess what? She even won 2nd place in that contest despite the flub! Funny things happen to her, too, like the time when she was mistaken for a transgender. The person told her, "Oh, I thought you were a bakla." Haha, anyway, they both had a hearty laugh about the mistake. Atasha Reign? Atta'girl! With charm like yours, you certainly will reign!

Gian Franco R. Wang:  Chinito Simpatico ng Cebu

Gian is one of those people who likes trying out new things.  And if he happens to like the new thing he's trying out, he'll dedicate himself fully to the goal of excelling in it.  It's the same thing when Gian's into some interesting topic.  He'll read a lot on the topic until he gains expert knowledge on it.  No wonder then that his friends consider him as a 'walking encyclopedia."  I enjoyed very much my time with Gian.  In fact, if I were younger, talking to him would make me feel like I was talking to a classmate of mine.  That's Gian, folks: Fun to be with, definitely nice to talk to. 

Lienel Navidad:  Ang Beauty and the Best Ate ng Albay

A zillion things I like about this girl, Lienel.  To start with the obvious, the girl is a looker! And to prove the point, she's joined pageant after pageant in her hometown to win top prize after top prize! And about her smarts? Well, nothing great really, except that she was grade school valedictorian and is now a science-oriented high school scholar!  Lienel narrated to me how she was already her family's breadwinner at 10 years old.  At such a young age, she was already working in a ricefield.  She told me that at one time, "nalaglag ako sa irrigation habang nagbubuhat ng palay." Early on, she realized how tough life can be.  And after all these hardships, Lienel has emerged to become a confident and creative dreamer who'll never stop chasing her dreams.  Lienel?  She is beast mode at being best!