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The Psychology of Bolitas: When Having Two Balls is Not Enough (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, ostheopath, quezon city, manila, philppines

The Pychology of Bolitas:  
When Having Two Balls is Not Enough
By Randy Dellosa

As a psychiatrist who deals with sex-related problems, I meet more and more wives in the counselling room who complain about their husband’s penis. No, it’s not about size that they complain about. These wives are annoyed that their husbands have studded the stem of their penis with tiny solid balls- the so-called “bolitas.” For them, the presence of bolitas is a sign that their husbands are playing around.

The surgical procedure for inserting bolitas is a form of body modification known as “genital beading” or "pearling."  Tiny balls made of plastic, metal, glass, wood, fiberglass, or stone are surgically implanted underneath the penile skin to create a “bumpy” or nodule-infested penis. Steel ball-bearings make for good bolitas, but thanks to Pinoy resourcefulness (and holiness), even rosary beads are used. The bolitas create friction against the vaginal canal during sexual intercourse, and it is this friction which is believed to drive women into a delirious state of sexual ecstasy. 

Historically, ancient Pinoy islanders were known to wear embedded ornaments on their penis. Magellan’s chronicler Antonio Pigafetta noted that "... both young and old males pierce their penises with a gold or tin rod the size of a goose quill, its ends shaped like the head of a nail." (Wikipedia) 

Before the bolitas became popular, Pinoy males used what is known as "pilik-mata ng kambing" as a vaginal tickler. The goat’s eyelids (with the eyelashes still attached) would be worn like a band around the penis during sexual intercourse thereby tickling the woman’s private parts. 

Among Pinoys, it is our seafarers who are notorious for having bolitas. Pinoys however are not the only guys who wear bolitas. Thais, for instance, call their little penile balls “fang muk.” Koreans call them “chagan balls.” Japanese call them “tancho balls. And as for American men, they call the bolitas by cute nicknames such as “penis marbles” and “love pearls.” 

The psychological reasons for Pinoy men to stud their penis with bolitas are many: 

  • Pinoy men who feel insecure about their penile length compensate by using their bolitas-laden penis to make their partner sexually happy. 
  • Having bolitas makes Pinoy seamen popular among prostitutes. 
  • Surrounding the penis with many bolitas fattens up a thin penis. 
  • Having bolitas builds a sense of pakikisama with other Pinoy men who have a nodule-filled penis. 

The bottom line is that the bolitas serves as a sexual confidence-builder and ego-booster. Having bolitas however is not always free of complications: 

  • Some men experience penile pain which worsens when the penis elongates during an erection. 
  • Some men feel embarrassed during medical examinations or in going naked in public shower rooms. 
  • For men with bolitas who develop erectile dysfunction, sterility, or cancer, they blame it on their bolitas. 
  • Wives feel angry and disrespected since they associate their husband’s bolitas with infidelity and sexual promiscuity. 
  • Some men worry that their wives will become sex addicts from the intense pleasure they derive from the bolitas, making them seek sexual encounters with other men. 
  • Lastly, some men complain of sexual fatigue since they claim that their sexual partners want to have sex with them non-stop, all the time. 

Whatever guys say, believe, or experience about bolitas, the last word should come from the women who experience it. Their reviews? 

  • Some women feel no difference between a normal penis and a penis studded with bolitas. 
  • While some women feel no difference, they do notice the improvement in their partner’s self-confidence and sexual vigor after their bolitas surgery. 
  • Many women hate their husband’s bolitas because it causes painful sex, vaginal wounds, bleeding, and infection. 
  • Some women love it. 

For many women, whether they experience pleasure from the bolitas or not, the issue of greater concern is their husbands' infidelity, since they know pretty well that their husbands' bolitas were intended to pleasure not only them, but other women as well.


  1. How about penis enlarger Dr Randy, can you write a blog about it?

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    1. will do, in the coming months :D

    2. Dr randy can you make it to me. How much cost?

  3. nice article. but 90% of women love men who have penile inserts. -samahang may bolitas at humps (smbh)

    1. saan pede magpalagay yung legal at safe. professional doctor

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  7. you've mentioned about infection, what kind of infection exactly?

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  18. pm me malaki na sa akin 8 inches 2 amd half inches wide. pm me.kung paano

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  20. Tanung ko lg po.. If ung boy my bolitas then nkipagintercourse sa girl, nd po ba maiinfection o magsugat ung ari ng babae? Kng mangyari man un anu po pwede gawin. Thank you po

  21. for my experience hnd naman nkakasugat kz nga nasa loob nman yan ng balat namin. for the girls feeling mas enjoy/intense cla.