Monday, August 10, 2015

PBB 737: Regular Housemates, Maligayang Pagpasok sa Bahay ni Kuya!

Move over teen housemates, and run back to your mommies and yayas.  Ito na ang takdang panahon to put the spotlight on the young adults who'll enter Kuya's house.

During the neuro-psych screening, I got to know the regular housemates on a deeper level and found them all to be inspirational characters. Based on the hearty talks I've had with them, allow me to share a little bit about them.

Richard Juan: Charming Chinito ng Paranaque

Where does Richard's charm come from? Aside from being Chinito, his pogi points come from his being intelligent, eloquent, driven, sincere, and simple. I felt that I could talk to Richard the whole day about anything under the sun. What I like about him the most though is his desire to be the best version of himself. 

His current "girlfriend" is his doggie named "Riphie." Richard told me that he and Riphie had an instant liking for each other the very first time they met. With some sort of toe fetish, Riphie kept on licking Richard's toes which finally made Richard decide "Okay, she's the dog for me!" 

Richard's other love is football. In fact, he was a varsity player and team captain of his high school football team. This just proves that Richard is both brains and brawn for you!

Philip Lambert: Determined Dad ng Australia

Philip works as a construction worker and enjoys the job despite the bodily aches it gives him. What does he do to destress? He told me that he likes to beatbox and talk in different funny accents. 

In his younger years, he used to hang around with the wrong crowd, but ever since he became a young dad, he decided to quit his juvenile ways and grow up. By becoming a more responsible person, he influenced his wayward Aussie friends to change for the better, too. 

Roger Lucerio: Tour Guide Tatay ng Bacolod

I was simply enthralled as I listened to Roger talk about his childhood experiences in the province. He talked about swimming in the river using the trunk of a banana tree as salbabida; and he smilingly reminisced about the times that he would sleep atop a carabao without falling off. Having been a city dweller all my life, stories like these transport me into a fantasy world of idyllic provincial sceneries much like the ones Amorsolo would protray in his paintings. 

Romantic at heart, Roger also narrated the time that he almost drowned trying desperately to reach home and meet his wife just to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary. 

Good father, good husband, good tour guide equals good person named Roger!

Dawn Chang: Bombshell Baker ng Paranaque

Dawn is a multi-talented lady who dances and bakes professionally. Who knows?  She probably twerks it like Miley or dances the Nae Nae while creating her scrumptious pastries and cakes.

Ever since the tender age of 16, she was already working to support herself and she never asked money from her parents. Dawn told me that by working early in life, she learned "to be independent, to look after herself in every aspect of life." 

Clearly, this bombshell of a dancer-slash-baker is a self-made person. Her grit and determination deserves our utmost respect and admiration! 

James Linao: Worldwide Worker ng Surigao

James' afro hairdo is as funky as his life experiences. He never seems to run out of funny stories to share. 

For instance, he narrated to me about the electrically-heated toilet seats in Japan. The first time he used it, he was scared to death that the warm toilet seat might electrocute him in the midst of his pooing.  I understand his concern though.  It would be an embarrasing death to die by electric chair, i mean, electric toilet bowl. 

He also narrated the time that he was billeted in a hotel and didn't know how to turn on the shower. Not having a timba and tabo at that time, what he did was to squat underneath the faucet and take his shower from that position. Hmm, I can certainly relate to that story as it's happened to me, too! - hehe!

Jessica Marasigan: California Dream Girl ng U.S.A

This pretty lady loves joining beauty pageants and has, in fact, won the Miss Photogenic award twice in a row! 

When discussing about beauty title holders, I always envision them sitting regally on their throne, wearing a crown and holding their scepter. Jessica however will probably have difficulty doing that since she never likes to sit still and has to keep on moving. 

Well, I'm guessing that her high energy level comes from all the coffee aroma she's inhaled during her work as a barista. 

Jyo Yokohama: Mr. Kulit ng Japan

Even as a psychiatrist, I don't meet too many people like Jyo. He is a novelty in his kakulitan and in his being pasaway. 

He is also extremely forgetful! He has lost his wallet and cellphone numerous times. In fact, you might not believe this: In coming to the Philippines for PBB, he forget to bring his passport to the airport and only found out when he was already at the check-in counter!  Hmm, I don't think I would ever want to be a travelling companion to Jyo! 

His mouth is also non-stop in functioning-- unlimited talking kung baga. He told me that he is aware that he keeps on talking, and actually gets tired of talking, but is not able to stop himself. In one incident, a Japanese stranger even punched him because he got annoyed by Jyo's noise! 

Despite his penchant for blabbering though, he continues to be a fun and likable character.

Krisia Lusuegro: Madiskarteng Inday ng Iloilo

Like many nurses, Krisia dreams of working abroad. She loves her vocation of helping people and feels bad about hospitals that are ill-equipped to help patients. 

I asked Krisia what's unique about her and guess what she said? She said that she likes mixing coke and chichiria with her rice. 

Uhhh, okay. Knowing that about Krisia, I better avoid any meals that she offers me!

Margo Midwinter: Independent Sweetheart ng Manila

Talking with Margo is like watching a theatre actress in performance. She is engaging to talk to and has so many funny stories to tell. 

One time, for instance, Margo was rushing to ride the MRT and to quickly get inside, she just picked out a random lolo standing near her and told the guard that she was accompanying her senile lolo. Naughty, naughty, naughty, isn't she? 

This lady, Margo, believes that she has trypophobia. If you don't know what it is, Google search the images of "trypophobia."  You'll definitely develop the phobia as well.  Eeewww, disgusting! 

Miho Nishida: Sexy Mommy ng Japan

This Japinoy is a hard-working mama who serves as a breadwinner for her mother and her child. 

Miho related to me the life stresses that she was going through and it seemed that she was close to getting burned-out! "Halos araw araw ako puyat," she says, "at hindi na husto yung pahinga ko. Hindi ko na nabibigyan ng panahon si baby dahil sobrang busy ko." 

That's how much love and dedication Miho has for her kid.

Mikee Agustin: Bungisngis Bebot ng Bulacan

This wacky lady has childhood stories which are both funny and traumatic to tell. 

Mikee vividly remembers the time when her male classmate threw a big rock at her face. The rock hit her nose and gave her a nosebleed.  Because of that incident, she also believes that it made her nose less matangos.

On another occasion in childhood, Mikee somehow got a sampaloc seed stuck inside her nostril. Fearing that her mother would get angry with her, she let the sampaloc seed stay in her nose for a good 2 weeks. It was when her mother kissed her on the cheek and wondered why her face was stinking that Mikee admitted about the sampaloc seed stuck inside. 

The doctor who yanked the seed out of her nose medically confirmed that the seed was indeed rotting as nasty as hell! 

Charlhone Petro: Ang Soldier's Boy ng Pampanga

For a good-looking commercial and ramp model like Charlhone, some people would think that he's a womanizer. Charlhone admits though that he's a bonafide torpe at heart. He's been busted a good number of times by girls he's attracted to, and he finds it strange that it's the girls who he doesn't like that are the ones maniacally chasing after him. 

One of his ambitions is to be a singer and sing at the Araneta. I hope his dream comes true. If it indeed happens, I can imagine a multitude of girls swooning over this heartthrob! Perhaps, as the Greek mythology goes, a Venus will emerge from the sea of screaming women- a Venus of sorts who will truly love him for the person he is. 

So, there you have them, the PBB 737 Batch of Regular Housemates! I am soooo eagerly awaiting the explosive drama, comedy, action, and suspense that's going to transpire inside Kuya's house. 

Take good care of yourselves and God bless you all! :D - Randy

And just so you don't forget the teen housemates, here they are again from an earlier post:

Ryan James Bacalla:  Ang Kid Sunshine ng Cebu

What I like about Ryan is that he is all friendly, optimistic, and funny.  This sunshiny kid is also a counselor like me.  When classmates have problems, they like approaching him for advise.  

Here's one funny story he told me:  One day, during class time, he was secretly texting on his cellphone when the teacher suddenly called him and asked, "Ryan, one plus one?" 

Surprised and caught off guard, he blurted out the answer "One, Ma'am!"  

The whole class burst out in laughter at his epic fail!  

Bailey May: Ang Global Gwapito ng UK

Bailey is just a kid, and a playful one at that!  If he's not playing football on the field, he's playing football on his PS3.  

Well sometimes, this kid's playfulness can get him into trouble!  For instance, he once got his foot stuck in a foul-smelling canal!  At another time, he got  himself chased by viciously snarling askals.  And then, there was this time when he stumbled into an anthill of ferocious red ants!

But there's another side to Bailey, too.  He told me that he occasionally likes to be by himself in some quiet place where he finds solace in drawing.     

Hendrix Jim B. Martin: Barrio Rapper ng Nueva Vizcaya

So here's how Jimboy described himself to me: "Astig na medyo mahiyain.  Hyper tsaka siguro pogi."  

Pogi? Well, he kind of knew that about himself even when he was a small tot.  As long as there was a camera around, this kid was always eager to pose and get his inner thug captured on photo.  

Well, all that posing practice actually paid off.  Squirming shyly in his seat, Jimboy admitted to me that he ended up as grand winner in numerous school and local pageants!  Nice! 

Ailah M. Antopina:  Faithful Daughter ng Bacolod

No, she's not the type of kid who would burn the midnight oil just to study and do her homework.  Can you guess what she loves doing instead?  Ailah loves playing street games such as Chinese garter!  In fact, she says that playing street games is a significant aspect of her young life.  

I don't meet too many people wearing a hijab, so I am intrigued by the mysterious aura it gives her.  I wonder what personality lurks beneath the cute face I see.  

Ma. Ana Kristina Kamille Filoteo: Teen Mama ng Manila

This young lady is a positive thinker and tries to think the best about people.  Even when people rub her the wrong way, she says that she's still willing to give them a second chance to prove themselves before they get stricken out of her list.  

I asked her to narrate an embarrassing memory, and of all things, she mentioned about the time that she accidentally pooped in her undies.  I replied, "Oh, that must have been traumatic for you as a child."  And she retorted,"Sa college na po nangyari yun!"

If I were eating at that time, I would have puked it all out (joke)!  But nevertheless, her embarrassing story just goes to show how Kamille can survive even the grossest of life experiences!

Barbie Concina Imperial: Doll along the Riles from Albay

Despite all the struggles she's been through, this lady has retained her jolly and optimistic demeanor.  In one of her modeling stints, Barbie remained unfazed and focused on her job despite being threatened that tomatoes would be thrown at her by the audience.

By the way, this "doll along the riles" has smarts, too!  For your information, this befreckled Barbie doll was the grade school valedictorian of her batch!  She certainly is beauty and brains for you!

Kenzo Gutierrez: Astig Athlete ng Quezon City

Kenzo isn't very good at keeping still.  In childhood, he had so much energy that he would dive into the deep end of swimming pools in wild abandon!  And whenever he was at the malls, he would get himself lost as he tirelessly roamed around!  That's the same energy that Kenzo now uses as an elite athlete for the Ateneo high school football team!

Oh, and here's a little secret:  Kenzo's high energy extends to girl-watching as well.  He admitted to me that even in childhood, he already had an eye for cute little things.  He would compliment girls by calling them "pretty." Hmm, Kenzo seems to be a natural at charming the female human species!

Edward Kyle Parado Secades: Mr. Nice Guy of San Juan

Kyle struck me as a person who would make a good friend.  He described himself to me as a compassionate and trusting person who forgives easily.  These strengths of his character however are his weaknesses, too.  Kyle explained to me that because he can be "too good," people have taken advantage of him, even to the point of  backstabbing him. 

While he's in Kuya's house, I hope that Kyle learns to create boundaries that prevent people from abusing this nice fellow's kind heart.   

Zonia Ysabel Mejia: Blossoming Beauty of Quezon City

Oh, the innocence of youth!  Still untainted by the adult standards of beauty, what 13-year old Zonia considers beautiful about herself is her "pagiging chubby at malambot." I guess that's from all the cheese cupcakes which she loves to bake for herself and others.  (She even let me try one ... ansarap!) Well, besides making her all huggable, pinchable, and pokable, I guess her chubbiness gives her more buoyancy and speed as a competitive swimmer.  

On the other hand, I asked Zonia what she might not like about herself, and her quick answer was "yung nunal ko sa mukha kasi iniisip ko na kamukha ko si ... (a politician)." 

My immediate thought was "Bakit? Cute naman yung politician na yun ha."  Of course, I just kept that thought to myself. (hehe!)

Thomas Franco Rodriguez: Totoy Smiley ng Albay

Franco's parents sold tinapa at the beach, so when Franco was a young kid, he had the opportunity of swimming at the beach everyday! Nice!

Talking to Franco, I found him to be a simple, all-smiley, and laid back kid.  

I asked him what he'd like to improve in himself and he told me that he still has to perfect his cooking skills since he sometimes overcooks whatever he's cooking. 

Well, overcooked or not, I'm sure that Franco spices up his cooking with much love!

Ylona Garcia: Ang Daldal Darling ng Australia

Ylona is undoubtedly a dynamo of a performer, having front-acted in the concerts of several big name Filipino singers.  But as superb as she is onstage, it's best that she leaves the sport of baseball alone!  

She recounted her experience in grade 5 when she joined a baseball game without knowing how it's played.  When her team mates threw the ball to her, she simply put the ball down on the ground, much to the rabid shock and frustration of her team!  

Well, Ylona really is a kooky person.  When she feels awkward, she'll start dancing or talking loudly to herself. Let's see if we can witness that strange habit of hers while she's inside the house.    

Enchong Dee: Ang Swabeng Swimmer ng Quezon City

As for Enchong Dee, I'm guessing that you know more about him than I do.