Monday, April 4, 2011

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if you're an athlete and want to excel in your sport, get a sports coach. if you want to be in tiptop physical shape, it's a fitness coach you hire. but when it's about reaching your life goals and attaining your fullest potential as a human being, it's a life coach that you need.
.life coaches have a 3-fold task. they help you deal with your common life problems; they teach you life skills which enhance the quality of your life; and they help you grow towards the direction that you want.
more and more artists in the entertainment industry and in the artistic field are beginning to see the value of life coaching. you see, it's not enough that one has talent. firstly, one needs to overcome any emotional and psychological blocks to creativity. and secondly, many artists are extremely right-brained so they may need help in structuring their lives so that they can stay on track with their professional and life goals.
. one of the artists who uses life coaching to enhance creative potential is that soulful musician, chris cayzer. currently, his song "drive" is top 3 in myx and channel v. despite his success as a singer, he is constantly reaching for the apex of his creative musical potential.
and just to show you how his musical mind works, all throughout the sessions we've had, chris would scribble down thoughts that flash through his mind- ideas which could be material for the lyrics of his songs.
. in fact, he's allowed me to share with you some of those scribbled thoughts:
If people you love
and love you fight,
don't take sides
cuz the problem will get bigger.
there is enough time in this world
for spotlight;
listening is learning
but sing when given a chance.
don't take things
for granted,
and don't let people
take you for granted.
don't let yourself
lie to the people
who love and care about you.
you are only fooling yourself.
you have to be caged
to know what freedom is.
use it now!
i'd rather live under a spell
than not live at all.
. there! how's that for a taste of his creative genius? i wish you the best, chris. may you attain the good and happy life that you aim for!

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