Sunday, April 3, 2011

... growth group activity: the forest burns as the demon kills the fairy ... (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, life coach, philippines))


today's growth group was composed of psychology students from san beda-- adam, arthur, chey, jico, karen, mark, and mayel.

. the topic was on dysfunctional parent-child relationships, particularly about children being raised by childish or immature parents.

. when parents are childish or immature, the children may model after their parents and grow up to be childish adults themselves.


another possibility is for a role reversal to take place, wherein the children become more "adult" than their age and start acting like parents to their own parents. others call this the "adult child" syndrome.

. childish or immature parents inflict deep and long-term psychological damage on their children. as they get older, these children may need psychotherapy to undo the damage. in psychotherapy, they'll learn how to "reparent and nurture their inner child."


hopefully, through psychotherapy, the "sins" of their parents won't get passed on to their children and the generations that follow.


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