Sunday, May 17, 2009

... life coach training workshop in the philippines ... (counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

someone asked me how effective my life coach training programs are. well, let the pictures below speak for themselves.

here is this month's batch of participants BEFORE the workshop. notice how the participants seem like they urgently need life coaching for themselves:

and now, see how they've changed AFTER the workshop:

with my military approach and ground-and-pound style of training, the above picture shows how the participants have become exemplary models of what life coaches should be: dignified, respectable, and professional-looking.

you might ask,"what makes my life coach training program unique and superior to other programs?"

  • firstly, it is designed by a filipino (like me) for filipinos, making it consistent with the filipino mindset, filipino temperament, and filipino ways of interaction.
  • secondly, it is strongly grounded in psychological theory and research.
  • thirdly, it is based on my actual professional experience of having 50 or more clients a week.
  • fourthly, the program strongly focuses on personal growth of the life coach.
  • fifthly, it emphasizes strong adherence to ethical guidelines.
  • sixthly, it is fun and interactive with a lot of skills-building activities.
  • and seventhly, of course you have the privilege (or nightmare- hehe!) of receiving guidance and supervision from me.

so, what are you waiting for? join my training programs and unleash the full compassionate force of your inner life coach!

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