Friday, May 1, 2009

...snip, snip, cut, cut... operation "libre tule"

because people recognize me more as a shrink and holistic healer, some forget that i am still a general physician.

as in summers past, i was again invited to join a medical mission offering "libre tule" to indigent children and adults. this time, the organizer of the event was the light of the world christian fellowship located in novaliches. pictured below were the kids raring to transition into manhood:

i am always thankful to participate in medical missions like this because it offers me the chance to keep my surgical skills sharp.

during the "operation tule," nurse nat served as my efficient and ever-reliable assistant.
surprisingly, kids don't bawl out loud as i circumcise them. they remain relaxed; they ask questions; and they just watch curiously as i perform the surgical procedure on them.
like the young man below, some even get too comfortable and light-hearted that they start entertaining me with their jokes.
nurse nat was quite eager to learn how to circumcise and wow, was he a fast learner! all he needed was to watch me do the procedure for a number of times and when i gave him the chance to practice, he needed very little supervision and assistance from me.
after a hard day's work, it is a joy and reward to fellowship with other medical colleagues and new friends.
the food served was scrumptious, but for some strange reason, i found myself avoiding the "dinuguan."

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