Saturday, May 30, 2009

... guinea pig therapy ... (philippines, life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

pet therapy has been gaining increased attention over the years. research has shown that owning a pet can actually help:

- alzheimer’s and psychiatric patients become more oriented to reality,

- children with autistic traits and attention deficit disorder (ADD) develop focus and concentration,

- depressed people become more interactive with the “external world,” and

- hypertensives lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and mortality rate by 3%.
.so what is it in pets that brings about healing to their owners?

i guess it is because pets can take our minds off loneliness, fear, and pain.

everyone has a need to touch and hug, and as we share this affection to our pets, they reciprocate in kind.

pets convey a sense of innocence, spontaneity, and vulnerability which makes us want to connect and be part of their world.

and lastly, with pets, we can also feel safe and accepted in their presence, and be our natural selves around them.
.as for me, I have five furry critter pals that cheer me up: dr. phil, freud, margie holmes, dr. love, and professor x:
the dudes serve as my personal psychotherapists when I am down and out. ...and to think that they don't even have a degree in psychology!

last night, i had a one-on-one session with dr. love. here i am listening intently to what he had to tell me:
professor x's advice is always on my mind!
and sometimes, his poop is also in my hair.

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  1. hey doc randy... this is is so nice to finally see you in the blogosphere. ang cute naman ng mga pangalan ng mga pets mo... your pics are also nice, they bring out the bubbly side of you that many of your employees don't get to see often. keep blogging.

    you can also check my blogsite:

    keep in touch and i'll see you soon.