Friday, May 8, 2009

… the last of the summer cuts … (philppines, life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

this time, it was the living epistle church in cubao that offered an “oplan free circumcision” to the neighboring kids, teens, and adults.

although camera-shy, the kids were especially excited to go through the procedure.

just to test them out, i would tell them to postpone the circumcision and just come back next year. they however, with fierce determination and unwavering spirit, would insist on having it done “now!”

perhaps something different today (but not really new) was that one of the kids i circumcised had “hypospadia.” well, just to broaden your knowledge, hypospadia is a birth defect wherein the opening of the penis isn’t at the tip of the head but is abnormally placed anywhere along the underside of the shaft. a person with hypospadia may experience messy urination, frequent UTI, and fertility problems. i hope that his parents are able to get enough resources to have the condition surgically repaired, as i suggested.

and so, with the onslaught of typhoons, the summer trend is officially over and i’ve done my final cut for this year. that's enough bloodshed for now!

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