Tuesday, May 12, 2009

... hayop 'tong client na ito! ... (philippines, life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

just when i was about to close shop, i was surprised to know that i had one final client for the night. he had stealthily crept into my clinic and settled himself into a chair.

things were quiet and awkward for a while as he meticulously scrutinized me from head to toe. i couldn't look straight into his eyes though because they were oddly glowing like light bulbs. hmm...something was definitely paranormal here.
he must have gotten more comfortable because he started purring out, i mean, pouring out his life stories. truth to tell, i had a hell of a time comprehending anything he said so i paid more careful attention to his non-verbal communication.

as the session proceeded, we found ourselves interacting intuitively, tapping into each other's minds.

the hour ended with me gaining a lot of life lessons from this lion-hearted client of mine. here's what i'll always remember from him:

  • live life and take risks-- as if you possess nine lives.
  • curiosity never killed any cat. on the contrary, curiosity is what makes cats really "live!"
  • when you need love and attention, just purr and look cute.
  • nap the whole day and occasionally wake up to break the monotony.
  • upon waking up, stretch in bed and feeeeel the pleasure!


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  1. this entry truly made me laugh out loud. is this the pet cat of ate edna? the cat looks familiar.hehehehe