Sunday, September 12, 2010

... on the mariel-robin affair ... (philippines, life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

Mariel Speaks Up on Issues (excerpts)
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (The Philippine Star)
Posted at 08/25/2010 7:20 AM Updated as of 08/25/2010 7:20 AM
. MANILA, Philippines -- On the heels of her sudden trip to India to follow Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez has unwittingly left a trail of rumors which she promptly cleared up in an exclusive interview with Funfare yesterday, three days after she and Robin came back late Saturday night.
As Funfare reported Wednesday last week, a day after Mariel left, Robin wanted to bring Mariel to Agra to show her the magnificent Taj Mahal which fascinated Robin no end since his first visit there last year because of its being “a symbol of enduring love,” the way they feel toward each other…well, so far.
. Meanwhile, Dr. Randy Dellosa, life coach and relationship counselor for celebrities, gives a list of “what-ifs.”
“It depends on their expectations of each other. If Mariel demands faithfulness and monogamy from Robin, and he complies, the relationship will probably last. On the other hand, Robin may insist on remaining polygamous. If Mariel is able to tolerate his philandering ways, the relationship is also likely to last.”
. Dellosa’s words of caution could apply, not just to Mariel, but to others as smitten as she is.
“In the heat of passion, there is a tendency to confuse `infatuation’ with `love.’ Infatuation usually happens in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. The feeling of being on `Cloud Nine’ is not the same as love. Love is a commitment to the welfare of another. It is built, tested and proven over time, and survives through thick and thin. According to psychologists, unresolved emotional neediness makes people choose dysfunctional partners.”

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