Monday, September 27, 2010

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gretchen malalad- karate black belter, beauty queen, and tv field reporter was my partner in the "he says, she says" portion of the JCI's metro area conference.
i was tasked to give a brief talk on love and relationships and expounded on the following points:
  1. opposites attract but repel each other in the long run.
  2. men are naturally polygamous, controlled only by religion and laws.
  3. love is not equivalent to faithfulness; your partner may truly love you and truly love others as well.
  4. it is better for your partner to "like" you than to "love" you.
  5. the qualities or traits which you don't like in your partner before marriage only worsen after marriage.
  6. if you don't want to be hated, stop nagging!
  7. the best predictor of future infidelity is your partner's track record of unfaithfulness.
  8. the fewer the expectations or demands on your partner, the lesser the conflict.
  9. if you've broken up twice, forget it, you're not meant for each other.
  10. if you are a martyr in a relationship, you definitely need professional help.
  11. if you suspect that your partner is playing around, it's most probably true.
  12. we usually fall in love with someone with the traits of our dad or mom to perpetuate their mistakes and dysfunctional patterns.
  13. it's useless to stop men from philandering if they're still enjoying it.
  14. choose to be happy, with or without a partner. the "you complete me" line is candy-coated crap.
the talk sparked a lively and heated discussion between the men and women in the group which, just proves that men are really from mars and women? from venus!


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