Sunday, December 9, 2012

... Ripples Books and Gifts Store: The Bookstore with Soul! ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila, philippines)

If there's one bookstore you should visit asap, this is it! Ripples Books and Gifts Store specializes in hard-to-find books and items on spirituality, metaphysics, psychology, and self-help.  At Ripples however, the book and gifts are secondary, it's their concept and advocacy that take center stage.   

Yasmin Nuno, owner of Ripples, explains what Ripples is about:  "Ripples aims to inspire and facilitate personal transformation in people. As people transform from within, they in turn create ripple effects of positive change in their individual spheres of influence.  Collectively, transformed individuals can can create deep, lasting, and positive changes in society and in the world."  As for Yasmin, she herself is a spiritual seeker and life coach who inspires others to pursue personal and spiritual growth as well.

Ripples is tagged by many as a metaphysical bookstore, and Yasmin makes it clear that Ripples is not metaphysical in a "New Age-y" type of way.  For Yasmin, "metaphysical" simply means "beyond the physical." Metaphysics reminds us that there is philosophical and spiritual meaning to our earthly existence and that as pilgrims on a spiritual journey, we shouldn't neglect feeding our soul and nurturing our spirit.   And for this purpose, Ripples was created.  

Ripples is not just a simple book and gift store, it is a friendly hub for kindred souls.  Every weekend, Ripples offers seminars-workshops and meditation group sessions by teachers of spirituality and human potential development.  Ripples also has a team of life coaches, holistic healers, and intuitive readers available for one-on-one sessions by appointment.

Ripples Books and Gifts Store is located at the 3rd level East Wing of Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA.  Their FB account is at, and as for inquiries, you can contact 340-1214, 655-1982, 0922-8871158, or email

Ripples Books and Gifts Store exudes with Yasmin's sincerity, her radiant spirituality, and positive energy.  Her bookmark describes Ripples as "a place where your life stories matter more than our books and gifts... although our items can be a beautiful part of your life."  Visit Ripples now and allow its books and gifts, seminars and workshops, to deeply touch your heart and mind, your soul and spirit!