Sunday, December 9, 2012

... pheonyx roldan smith's merkabah method light activation workshop ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila, philippines)

i'd like to start off this article with how the workshop ended.  well, let me just say it ended "intensely!"- and i mean that in a positive and rejuvenating kind of way.  with more than 20 participants lying side by side in a small room, we were like sardines packed tightly in a can. 

pheonyx roldan smith

pheonyx roldan smith, our facilitator, then told us to huff and puff continuously for a good 30 minutes or so.  i suppose it was some sort of shamanic breathwork we were instructed to do and reactions to the experience were varied.  some experienced epiphanies; others experienced catharsis; a number of us fell asleep in the midst of the process; and many experienced the tingling, vibration, and light-headed "high" that accompanies hyper-oxygenation. 

organizer jay batoon

organizer krysta gabriel

for me, the breathwork experience was very reminiscent of the "rebirthing" sessions i did with body-mind guru maraya chebat way back in the 1990s and the "holotropic breathing" group sessions i experienced in the early 2000s.  the style of rapid breathing is the same as kundalini yoga's "breath of fire" which i started practicing 3 years ago.  for all of us workshop participants, the breathwork activity was a shared experience which generated a lot of positive and vibrant energy, lifting our spirits and bonding us together.

i'd like to end this article with what i enjoyed the most at the start of the workshop-  it was the sacred objects which participants brought and displayed in the middle of the room.  it was not only an artistic sight to see them all bunched up together, but i also reflected on how these objects were meaningful representations of our personal and collective connection with the Divine.  

thanks pheonyx!  thanks krysta and jay!  i wish that many more people would get to know about your workshop and attend it.  for those of you who are interested, here's more information about this energetically-uplifting workshop:

The MerKaBah Method: Light Body Activation Workshop integrates sound, light, energy, movement, and transformative breathwork in order to activate the inner light body, clear mental and emotional obstacles, and open up the path of understanding to your life purpose…

MerKaBah is an ancient Hebrew term that, means “Chariot” and in ancient Egyptian translates into:
Mer= energy/light
Ka= spirit/heart
Bah= soul/body

The MerKaBah is a literal electromagnetic energy field that exists around you and every living thing throughout the Universe. When the MerKaBah (star tetrahedron) is activated within and around you, it results in a deeper connection with your Higher Self, offers unparalleled energetic protection, and will strengthen every aspect of life. When the MerKaBah is activated, the individual also establishes a deeper connection to the collective lightbody of the planet (feminine energy) penetrated by the unconditional Love of the Universe (masculine energy). It is, in essence, an interdimensional vehicle, otherwise known as “The Vehicle of Light”. Simply put, the MerKaBah is the divine lightbody (vehicle) used to connect with the higher realms, clear karmic obstacles, and connect you more fully to your higher purpose on the planet at this time.

This FULL DAY workshop will walk you through the mental, emotional and physical understandings and practice of opening up and activating your lightbody with the intention of releasing old karmic energies and connecting with higher self and your life purpose. Learn more about applying the power of intention and allowing and release mental obstacles that are getting in your way in the creation process. Release old energies of the pain body. Understand how energy flows into, through and out of all things. Connect with your Higher Self and others in a unique and most profound way. Meet others on the path and be supported in that knowing as you step more fully into a community of Light. Welcome to the journey. Are you ready to move to the next level?

About Pheonyx Roldan Smith:  Pheonyx facilitates a combination of many healing modalities melding ancient forms with modern understandings of self-healing and personal, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.  For the past several years, he has offered private instruction and group classes and workshops around the U.S. including qigong, intuitive yoga, shamanic breathwork, guided meditations, energetic bodywork and healing touch, and personal life coaching at various healing arts and learning centers in Georgia, North Carolina, and New York.  Pheonyx is currently travelling around the world volunteering and documenting his journey while continuing to teach both privately and publicly along the way as the opportunities arise and Spirit presents.  You can leanr more about the overall mission of his project at

For inquiries, you can contact Jake (Jay) Batoon via facebook ( or by phone/text at 0915-486-3382.