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Yahoo! Answers: What is the contribution of Dr. Randy Dellosa to Philippine psychology and psychiatry? (life coach, counselor, psychothrapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, quezon city, manila, philippines)

As I was Googling myself (and I suppose many   of you Google yourselves, too :D), I found these items on the net.  Thanks Barack for your interest in my work.  I guess, the questions are for your school work.  And my deep gratitude goes to Matu for answering Barack's questions.  My guess is that you're also a psychologist from the way you answered the questions.  Anyway Matu, I hope to meet you some day.  Your answers are too good so i decided to post them on my blog just in case Yahoo! Answers takes them down. 

What is the contribution of 

Dr. Randy Dellosa to 

Philippine psychology and 


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Contributions of Randy Dellosa to Philippine
Psychology and Psychiatry

1. Psycho-educating the common “tao.” 
Dellosa’s most significant contribution to
Philippine psychology and psychiatry comes
from his frequent media exposure on reality
TV shows, documentary programs, magazine
talk shows, and news programs. As the
popular psychological expert of Philippine
television, he is able to educate the Filipino
masses by giving a psychological perspective
on a wide array of life issues.

2. Opening the Filipino mind to pursue 
psychological wellness. Dellosa’s image
as the life coach and psychotherapist of
people from show business and high society
has imparted to the masses the belief that it
is alright, and even trendy, to have a personal
life coach or psychotherapist. This has
apparently helped in reducing the stigma
which prevents many Filipinos from
consulting clinical psychologists and

3. Pioneering the practice of ‘Holistic 
and Integrative Psychiatry’ in the 
Philippines. Most Filipino psychiatrists
discredit and belittle complimentary and
alternative medicine in the treatment of
psychiatric conditions. Dellosa however
combines conventional psychiatric
treatment with natural therapies that
facilitate the patient’s capacity for self-

4. Propagating the practice of Gestalt 
Psychotherapy in the Philippines. Dellosa
co-established the Gestalt Therapy
Association of the Philippines (GTAP) which
offers training programs in the theory and
practice of Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt therapy
is a holistic approach to psychotherapy that
focuses on integrating a person’s body, mind,
and emotions, thereby bringing healing to the
“total person.”

5. Filipinizing the practice of Life Coaching.
In reaction to the western style of Life Coaching
being popularized, Dellosa co-established the
Philippine Society of Life Coaches which aims
to propagate an approach to Life Coaching
which is in sync with Filipino culture and the
Filipino mindset.

6. Developing and teaching innovative 
psychotherapies. Integrating his learning and
experiences as an osteopath, physician,
psychiatrist, and clinical psychologist, Dellosa
has developed Dellosa Touch Psychotherapy
and Dellosa Energy Pychotherapy- two body-
based psychotherapy approaches that release
unresolved emotional experiences, forgotten
memories, buried feelings, and unconscious
attitudes that had been stored in the body.
Dellosa has also taught non-conventional
psychotherapies such as dream analysis,
regressive-cathartic psychotherapies, and
drama-art-movement psychotherapies at the
University of the Philippines and in workshops
for the general public.

7. Developing an innovative addiction 
recovery program for Filipinos. Dellosa
established the Life Change Recovery Center
which is a treatment facility for psychiatric
patients and addicted individuals. Unlike other
rehabilitation centers that employ the 12-Steps
or Therapeutic Community program, Dellosa
has conceptualized a ‘life-transformation
paradigm’ which helps addicts forsake their
addiction in favour of assuming a healthier
identity and lifestyle.
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Asker's Comment:
You summarized his contributions
well. I am sure Doc Randy will have more
contributions to Philippine psychology and
psychiatry in the years to come. I think I'll
get a good grade with your help 👦

What is the theory of Filipino 

clinical psychologist and 

psychiatrist Dr. Randy 


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Seven Organizing Principles of The Randy
Dellosa Holistic Emotional Healing System

1. Holistic Emotional Healing is concerned
with the ‘total’ person. It considers and
involves the physical, cognitive, emotional,
energetic, spiritual, relational, cultural, and
ecological aspects of the client’s personality
in the healing and integration process.

2. Holistic Emotional Healing considers
different dimensions of time: The client must
release emotional baggage from the distant
past and immediate past. The client must
deal with current dysfunctional attitudes and
behavioural patterns, as well as successfully
manage the challenges of the present life. In
so doing, the client can plan to make
meaningful choices for his immediate future
and distant future.

3. Holistic Emotional Healing deals not only
with healing emotional wounds or overcoming
current frailties. More importantly, it places
people on a lifetime path of pursuing growth,
wholeness, and wellness for themselves.

4. Holistic Emotional Healing enters the
client's internal reality, respects it, and works
with all the resources available within it,
including the client's personal belief and value
system, strengths and competencies, as well
as weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

5. Holistic Emotional Healing encourages the
active collaboration of the client in his/her own
healing and growth process.

6. The seven primary goals of Holistic Healing
are: emotional healing, personal growth,
physical wellness, spiritual nurture, integration
of body-mind-emotions-spirit, relational
authenticity, and conscious and joyful living.

7. Holistic Emotional Healing is expected on
both sides of the therapist-client relationship
and demands from the therapist to actively
and intentionally pursue healing, growth,
wholeness, and wellness as they help clients
attain the same.
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Thank you for the information. I remember these
points from a workshop that Doc Randy
conducted at a convention. 😊