Thursday, September 6, 2012

... gestalt therapy growth group activity: puno na punong-puno ng snakes ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist , quezon city, manila, philippines)

after a long while, i facilitated a gestalt growth group activity for some wonderful students from the u.p. college of medicine students- hadi mahammad-isa, sheryl manalili, kris mangunay, patricia nacienceno, and christine olivar.  

in processing the growth group activity, a lot of themes came up.  of all the themes, what struck me the most was the theme about the "little snakes on the road."  these snakes are those little problems or challenges in life that I'm still able to run away from.  

but then, at the dead end of the road i'm treading, I come face to face with this "tree full of snakes," and this time, there is no recourse but for me to confront what I've evaded and feared for so long.

what i love about gestalt therapy growth groups is that it enriches everyone.  i may play the role of facilitator, but i am as much a student of life as the participants in the group are.  so to hadi, sheryl, kris, patricia, and christine,  thank you so much for life lessons I've learned from you.