Friday, January 13, 2012

... objectophilia, objectum sexuality, object sexuality ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

lj javier of untv's istorya interviewed me on the topic of objectum sexuality, also known as objectophilia.  objectophilia refers to an intimate relationship between a person and inanimate object.  the person with objectophilia is known as the objectophile or objectum-sexual. 

in objectophilia, the "love object" is personified and is therefore treated like a human being.  and as in any intimate relationship, the objectophile is likely to engage in sex with the "love object" or even get married to it.  for instance, in 2007, erika laBrie married the eiffel tower, and now goes by her married name "erika eiffel."  

in my clinical practice, i 've met only a few objectophiles.  one objectophile i met is a mechano-sexual, having an intimate relationship with his typewriter which, he says, is very responsive to his touch.  "i know her very well.  if i press her buttons the right way, she'll send me a message of love."

 objectum sexuality or objectophilia is being touted as the new sexual orientation.  we've heard of the third sex, and now we have a fourth one!  hmm, just makes me wonder what the 5th one will be?