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... Lieutenant General Jessie D. Dellosa, New AFP Chief of Staff ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, philippines)

 Lieutenant General Jessie D. Dellosa, 
New AFP Chief of Staff
Manila Bulletin Editorial (excerpts)
December 14, 2011, 10:41pm

"... a soldier of peace, righting the wrongs ..."

MANILA, Philippines — Lieutenant General Jessie D. Dellosa assumed his new post as the 43rd Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). General Dellosa was the third to be appointed AFP Chief of Staff by the Aquino administration.

"We shall focus on four themes:  first, territorial defense; second, the AFP internal peace and security plan; third, disaster preparedness; and fourth, the ongoing organizational reforms."

Born in Bacon, Sorsogon, on January 20, 1957, Dellosa grew up in Lucena City. He graduated from the PMA with the “Matapat” Class of 1979. After graduation from the PMA, Dellosa was assigned in Jolo, Sulu, where he earned the Outstanding Achievement Award for Military Operations awarded by the PMA Alumni Association in 1988.  A decorated Army Scout Ranger officer, he also received the Distinguished Service Star, two Wounded Personnel Medals, two Gold Cross Medals, 39 Military Merit Medals, six Bronze Cross Medals, Long Service Medal, Marksmanship Badge Expert, and Outstanding Achievement Medal.

"We declare an "all-out war" against graft and corruption.  
In doing so, we shall have the moral ascendancy worthy to be called soldiers of our people."

Described by his peers as a “soldier of peace,” with a reputation for “righting the wrongs,” General Dellosa is expected to continue the programs initiated by his predecessor, General Oban, such as fiscal and logistic reforms, peace, modernization, morale and welfare.

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We congratulate Lieutenant General Jessie Dellosa on his appointment as the 43rd Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff. We wish him all the best and success in all his endeavors. 

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