Thursday, January 12, 2012

... Gestalt Therapy growth group activity: the evil eye in the sky ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, philippines)

friends from the u.p. college of medicine- jonas bico, marge bocaya, franco catangui, rona abad, marvyn chan, and bon buno, dropped by for a sharing session.  

marge shared a story about receiving some message of doom as she was watching tv. and just to make sure that it nothing ominous was going to happen, she checked by looking out her window.  on ground level, there was nothing extra-ordinary but when she looked up, her attention was caught by an array of colors splashed in the sky.  to her surprise, she saw an image of an eye in the midst of the colors.  hmmm...

the rest of the guys talked about themselves:

marvyn:  i'm the type of person who just rides the waves and goes with the flow.

rona:  as a doctor, i'm like a bringer of bad news when i tell patients about their diagnosis.

bon:  people perceive me as a conventional type of person.  they haven't met the adventurous and wild side to my personality.

franco:  i catch people's attention because i have a identical twin brother who is my exact opposite in character.  

well, they didn't only share with me their stories, three of them were sick of the common cold and they were nice enough to share that with me, too!  (joke)