Friday, January 13, 2012

... korina sanchez-roxas, raffy tan, hazel chua, pinoy biggest loser, and the psychology of weight loss ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

on korina sanchez's dzmm radio show, it was good to have a reunion with pinoy biggest losers hazel chua and raffy tan.  it was even better to know that they're still maintaining their exercise and diet program which keeps them physically fit and looking good. 

one of my clients shared with me her secret for keeping slim- after jumping out of bed every morning and before plopping into bed at night, she dances wildly, like a ferocious raving lunatic on the loose, to william hung's rendition of ricky martin's "she bangs!"  

well, you can tell i'm getting a bit thick in the middle.  i guess i'll definitely need to do a lot of "ferocious banging" with william hung in the next couple of weeks!