Thursday, December 16, 2010

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psychology students of letran invited me to do a talk on relationships. entitled relationships 101, part of my talk focused on the differences between toxic and healthy relationships.

some indications of a toxic relationship include the following:

  • Obsession with partner. Life revolves around partner.
  • Exclusivity. Gives up social life. Neglects family relationships.
  • Relationship characterized by power-playing, guilt-tripping, controlling, blaming, criticism, and manipulation.
  • Tries to change the partner into what he/she is not.
  • Need to prove worth to partner. Need approval from partner.
  • Constant rescuing. Knight-in-shining-armour complex.
  • Fusion. Inability to endure separation. Clinging. Neediness for each other is proof of love for each other.
  • Engages in sexual activity which create guilt, fear, insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, shame, or a sense of pressure.
  • Relationship is characterized by hurts, suffocation, exhaustion, neediness, and conflicts.
if the above points are descriptive of your relationship, please get help for yourself! you certainly deserve a relationship that's better for you.

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