Sunday, February 24, 2013

... gma: kapuso mo, jessica soho presents "the art of doodling" ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, quezon city, manila, philippines)

jessica soho sent jacqueline sto. domingo to interview me for segment on the art of doodling.  

so what is a doodle anyway? everyone, at one time or another has done it.  it's the little drawings which we unmindfully and repeatedly do when we're bored to death and have a piece of paper and pen at hand.  in fact, our school notebooks might have more doodles than notes in it.  doodling is probably a way we keep ourselves awake in class when the teacher lulls us to sleep with uninteresting lectures.  

do you ever wonder what your doodles mean?  doodle expert michael watts shares his interpretations:

- circles are doodled by people who are sincere, kind-hearted, and friendly individuals who are faithful in relationships.

- eyes are doodled by people who are self-centered egocentric lovers.  

- flowers/ hearts are doodled by people who have a childlike and innocent attitude to love, sex, and relationships, but they may also show an immature side.   

- names are doodled by people who are concerned about what they can get out of a relationship rather than tuning in to the needs of their partners.

- spirals are doodled by people who have deep emotional insecurity in their personality.

- snakes are a classic phallic symbol and are doodled by people who are obsessed with sex and the male organ.  

- stairs/ steps are doodled by people who view sex with endless fascination and mystery and have a desire to explore it to the fullest. 

- trees are drawn by people who are friendly, warm-hearted, and affectionate.

- triangles are drawn by people with strong sexual appetites that have insufficient outlet.  

as a disclaimer, i have to say that i don't necessarily believe in the interpretations above.  just like my take on dreams, the meaning of the doodle is best interpreted by the doodler himself.  

doodle therapy? sweet!

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