Sunday, February 24, 2013

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pia gutierrez, beauteous news reporter for abs-cbn's patrol ng pilipino asked me how single people can cope with being single. 

first of all, single people shouldn't even be "coping" with being single.  the word "cope' gives the negative connotation that singlehood is an ordeal.  people liken singlehood to climbing mount everest by oneself and surviving its cold, harsh, and deathly terrain.  but why should singlehood be viewed in this way?

being single these days has become the lifestyle statement of the free spirit!  it's a powerful declaration of your choice to be emotionally complete unto yourself, without having to rely on others for your happiness.  being single is a celebration of your independence and of your vast opportunities for exploration, adventure, expansion, and self-love.  those in relationship can only get envious of you; their world has shrunk and they may feel trapped since they cannot enjoy the world as singles do!

so for those of you who are single out there, the whole world is your playground! go ahead, frolic in it and enjoy it to no end!  


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