Saturday, April 14, 2012

... social anxiety disorder/ social phobia treatment in the philippines ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila)

while group therapy for the GREAT group (a support group for persons with social anxiety disorder/ social phobia) was in progress, doc alistaire "ali" bilas of tv5's alagang kapatid passed by for some sound bites on the disorder.  

the briefest thing i could tell him was that there is a lot of hope for people with social anxiety disorder and that  a higher success rate of treatment occurs with a combination of 

* anti-depressant medication (to correct the serotonin/ adrenalin imbalances which cause anxiety),

individual psychotherapy ( to resolve psychological/ emotional issues that contribute to the disorder),

* exposure therapy via group therapy (to build social skills and confidence which is sorely lacking in people with social anxiety disorder), and

* relaxation and stress management techniques (which are natural ways of dealing with the anxiety).

having said that, i headed back to the GREAT group therapy session which culminated in an enjoyable anxiety-free lunch at the Omakase restaurant at Il Terrazo Mall.