Sunday, January 23, 2011

... adult male victims/ survivors of sexual abuse, male rape, and incest in the philippines... (life coach, psychotherapist, psychologist)


more and more adult male victims of sexual assault have been consulting me at my clinic.

yes, it’s true. men and boys can also be victims of the crimes of sexual abuse, rape, and incest.


their stories however are frequently ignored or dismissed by others because of two prevailing myths:


  • the myth that all men are able to fight off such attacks, and

  • the myth that all men are sexual so they must have enjoyed the assault.

the adult male victims/ survivors who consult me are usually plagued by feelings of shame, self-blame, anger, depression, and low self-esteem. sexual difficulties, intimacy issues, and relationship conflicts are commonly experienced. they also question their sexual identities and may engage in self-destructive behaviours.


if you are an adult male survivor of sexual abuse, rape, or incest, just know that it’s not your fault and that you are not alone. healing is possible and help is available.



  1. I am a boy of 16 and i had been raped by 6 men in a train three times and make my mms, but i can't asking someone about my rape. What should i do?

    1. Sorry, Ajay for the delayed reply. It's only now that I read your comment. That's a terrible experience that you had. I wonder how you are now? You can send me a personal email me at if you wish.