Wednesday, April 22, 2009

... a few of my favorite things ... (phlippines, life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist)

some people think that all shrinks are like dr. hannibal lecter- devious, diabolical, and dark.

these people are absolutely right! all shrinks are like that.

i have to say though that i'm not like dr. hannibal all the time.

sometimes, i choose to be more like patrick star...

and sometimes, i even start looking like him ... especially when i'm all light and bubbly inside!

here's a short list of my favorite things that make me as emotionally-effervescent as that effusive starfish, patrick:

  • tennis rallies

  • zen meditation

  • qigong exercises

  • personal spirituality

  • wide open green fields

  • fleeting clouds

  • acacia trees

  • the sunken garden

  • anti-oxidant vitamins

  • fresh fruit juices

  • oatmeal breakfast

  • large hairy guinea pigs

  • friendly cats and dogs

  • steam baths

  • warm showers

  • deep tissue massage

  • ninja and samurai culture

  • paper planes

  • moving origami

  • singapore and hawaii

  • ugly dolls

  • cute faces

  • deep thinkers

  • vintage marvel comic books

  • beavis and butthead

  • yellow green

  • sunkist orange

  • canary yellow

  • solitary walks

  • fun moments with a close friend

here i am below, on "duh" mode, all alone and smiling to myself as i think about a few of my favorite things:

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  1. Been reading your blog posts during mga vacant time for 2days now. From the recent 2016 post to this. So far, this is your cutest post doc.😊