Friday, July 10, 2015

Andrea Brillantes on the Psychiatrist's Couch

I have no doubt that the poster above is well-intentioned. Ironically however, the poster has not only made netizens curious about the scandal, it's also teased them to google search for video links!  

The principle in operation here is that of "reverse psychology."  Especially for a "pasaway" culture like ours, the more a person is forbidden to do something, the more that person is going to do it.

For your benefit Andrea, allow me to share with you the following strategies that have helped my other clients who have also become victims of video scandals:

Strategies # 1,2, and 3: Deny, deny, and deny!!! Nothing squelches a media scandal more effectively than consistent denial.  Just laugh off the whole incident when media people interview you. 

Strategy # 4:  Trust your die-hard fans to defend you.  In fact, they're already doing it now by saying that the video is edited.  Or that it's a latina pornstar who looks just like you.  Or that it's really your older sister in the video (whatduh?!).

Strategy # 5:  Don't hide or disappear from the public eye.  Your absence will strengthen rumors about the scandal. Continue working on your current projects.   And with the publicity (or notoriety) that you got from the video scandal, wish for more projects to come!

Strategy # 6:  Don't fix a mistake with another mistake.  Bluntly put, DON'T injure or kill yourself!  I've counseled a good number of celebrities who have overcome the ordeal of their scandals and are currently living happy lives!

Strategy # 7:  Surround yourself with family members and friends who love you!   Instead of moping around feeling desperate, get emotional and social support from them.  

Strategy # 8:  If you're a spiritual type of person, then you might want to be a bit more prayerful.  Trust that He will see you through this mess!  

Strategy # 9:  Consider getting professional help through talk therapy.  At your young age, make sure that you don't carry the emotional baggage of this video scandal for life. 

Strategy # 10:  And lastly, improve your craft as an actress!  Proving to others that you have real acting talent will help people focus on your professional life rather than on your personal life.    

As for you folks who are really serious in helping Andrea, why not be proactive and request the administrators of websites that have posted the videos and photos to delete them?

Also, stop fanning the flames of controversy.  The less discussion there is about this scandal, the more quickly it's going to get extinguished!  

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