Saturday, September 7, 2013

... TV5 Reaksyon: Miley Cyrus liberates her Inner Tramp ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, quezon city, manila, philippines)

Oh wow, whatever happened to "our" baby Miley Cyrus?  We watched her grow up from a "cute li'l thang" to a "sweet 'n' pretty li'l thang."  She was the daughter, sister, or girlfriend everyone wanted to have, until that viral video of her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards shattered our squeaky clean image of her.

No, Miley Cyrus didn't transform into the raging Incredible Hulk.  Instead, she transformed into a twerking Incredible 'Ho.'  What could have come over Miley Cyrus that made her liberate the "Tramp Within?"

First of all, let's not forget that she's 'celeb,' and many celebs are just darn hungry for fame, attention, and adulation.  After her onstage performance at the MTV VMA, Miley even bragged that she received more tweets than the Superbowl.  Duh, okay, so she got the tweets she wanted.

Connected with being a celeb is her history as a 'child star.'  Child stars grow up feeling like the world revolves around them.  They get addicted to being treated like little baby gods-- 'godlets,' I call them.  But as they get older and as their stardom fades, they experience withdrawal symptoms from their diminishing popularity.  And just like drug addicts who'll get their fix by hook or by crook, aging child stars will resort to anything, even cheap scandalous behaviors just to get their fix of fame, through acts of shame.

Let's consider too the goody-goody image that stereotyped Miley Cyrus.  The pressure on her to 'act good' and 'be good' for her fans could have gotten too stifling or suffocating for her.  Naturally, when you're bound by rope from head to foot, you want to cut loose.  Well, not only did she let the ropes fall off, but her clothes as well.  As if twerking onstage wasn't immodest enough, she had to twerk onstage clad only in granny-type rubber underwear.  This vulgar act completely deletes the few remaining images of a pristine Miley Cyrus that we've stored in our memory banks.

Hmm, what else could have accounted for her trashy dancing?  Genes, perhaps?  After all, scientific studies report that the predisposition for lewdness can run in families.  Or how about the effect of alcohol and drugs on her personality?  Don't tabloids tell us how she's been spotted in the drug scene here and there?

This one thing is clear:  In that MTV Video Music Awards night, Miley Cyrus' act of notoriety made Madonna and Lady Gaga look like 12th century cloistered nuns.  As soon as the brouhaha about her twerking dies down, Miley Cyrus will need a more lewd, more rude, and more vulgar shocker-of-an-act to outdo the cheap stunt that she just pulled. 

Hey, why the heck does she do that with her tongue? Nasty as it looks, some stars have actually caught on to this tongue wagging craze:

Barrack Obama

Michelle Obama

Justin Bieber

Jackie Chan and Will Smith

Kanye West

Selena Gomez and friend

Oprah Winfrey

One Direction

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  1. Hahaha, nice post doc, funny yet true! I am also planning to be a Clinical Psychologist. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and will pursue to become a PsyD.