Saturday, September 7, 2013

... tv5 Reaksyon: male vanity: macho men with 'kikay' kits ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, quezon city, manila, philippines)

Looking through an evolutionary perspective, male vanity serves a biological purpose.

Firstly, by being vain, men attempt to look good in order to feel good about themselves.  If they like what they see in the mirror, then they feel more confident to swag and strut themselves around women and vie for the status of "alpha male" around guys of a lower caste.

Secondly, by being vain, men attempt to look good in order to attract women.  Because the more women swarm around them, the more opportunities there are for procreation to take place, thus ensuring the continued propagation of the human species.

Although vanity is biologically wired into the male system, the standards for "male attractiveness" is what differs across time and cultures.  In the redneck culture for instance, male attractiveness might mean a bearded face, rough skin, pungent body odor, and soil-blackened toenails.  

For today's metrosexuals however, male attractiveness refers to an androgynous appearance wherein males attempt to look more "male pretty" than "macho handsome."

androgynous boy: justin bieber

androgynous boy: zac efron

One factor that reinforces metrosexual vanity is, of course, media.  Through media, the cosmetic industry preys on the insecurities of men and influences men on how they should look.  Media manipulates males to become narcissistically obsessed with their looks.

Male vanity will always be here to stay.  And just like the vain fisherman featured on the TV5 Reaksyon episode, don't be surprised to find construction workers, farmers, and policemen carrying their 'kikay' kits to work.


me with the TV5 Reaksyon crew

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