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... solar news: filipino expert gives tips on spotting a bomber ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, quezon city, manila, philippines)

Filipino expert gives tips on spotting a bomber
By Pia Bonalos

Baseball caps, hoodies, and backpacks – these are things people wear every day. These were also the apparel of choice of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Randy Dellosa, a clinical psychologist, physician, and psychiatrist, explained that bombers try blend in with everybody else, making them difficult to spot in a crowd.

Dellosa added there are three types of bombers:

*Propagators of political or religious ideas
*Copycat bombers or those who get curious and adventurous with bombs
*Sociopaths, or people with criminal instincts.

"However, there are some people have experienced injustice, and it's a way of revenge for them, to get back," Dellosa said. "Some are militant about faith or about their political parties, they want to establish themselves as superior. So that's one way way to assert superiority."

He said there are telltale signs if a person is susceptible to such crimes.
These include:

*people who figured in school bullying;
*those who suddenly adopt a dark or gloomy aura;
*those who are easily angered or depressed;
*those who develop interpersonal conflicts in school or at home; and
*those who acquire sudden interest in weapons, fundamentalist faiths, or militant organizations.

He said sociopaths show no sudden changes in personality. But a good predictor for them is their track record in school or at work that could show a history of violent behavior.

"In fact, kailangan niya ng [they need a] forensic psychologist or psychiatrist," Dellosa said. "Kasi kahit [Because even] regular psychologists or psychiatrists might not be able to handle such a person. The psychiatrist or psychologist will have to get inside their criminal mind."

Dellosa said these profiles can be found across cultures, gender, and ages.

He said there's always hope for anyone with such dark predispositions. And while some may need more help than others, the presence of a person who is willing to listen may make a difference.

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