Saturday, July 28, 2012

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pia bolanos of solar news wanted information about depressed and suicidal people.

i told her that i do psychotherapy on hundreds of clients a month and 90% of them experience some degree of depression.  any person who is depressed, whether it be mild, moderate, or severe depression, should be asked whether thoughts about death, self-injury, or suicide cross their minds.  

there is a common notion that people who talk about killing themselves aren't going to do it.  i wish that belief was true but it isn't.  when people talk about killing or hurting themselves, they have to be taken seriously because they might actually do it.  unfortunately, some people respond to the suicidal person by either dismissing the threat or even challenging the suicidal person to do it. "o, eto na ang kutsilyo, saksakin mo na ang sarili mo," I've heard some people say.

suicide is a psychiatric emergency.  if you encounter someone who is suicidal, make sure that that person gets professional help.  never connive with the suicidal person to keep it a secret.  otherwise, you may be held liable if in case it actually happens.  contact and inform a concerned family member or relative of the suicidal person.  

if you are depressed or suicidal, i want to tell you that there is hope!  depression is very easy to treat.  in fact, you will recover quickly and be your natural happy self within 2-4 weeks of taking the right anti-depressant at the right dose, and undergoing psychotherapy and other holistic therapies. help is available if you just ask for it! don't dilly-dally.  call 415-6529 or 415-7964 right now to set an appointment.  I will be glad to help you.