Saturday, July 28, 2012

... myrtle sarrosa, cosplaying, and cosplayers in the philippines ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila)

mikee navarro of abs-cbn's showbiz inside reporter asked me some questions on cosplaying.

a decade ago, cosplayers were few in number and regarded as pathetic juvenile retards who liked wearing cartoonish costumes and who would meet up in malls for their silly childish conventions. 

in this day and age, many people still think of cosplayers in that way.  but thanks to myrtle sarrosa- pbb teen edition 4's big winner, cosplaying has now entered the consciousness of more filipinos.  considered as some sort of "performance art," today's cosplayers enjoy much more respect and admiration from people. 

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and the other big winners of 
pbb teen edition season 4:

so why do cosplayers cosplay?  primarily because they like dressing up as much as some people like to wear designer clothes or some specialized outfits.  secondly, they probably have an exhibitionistic streak and like the attention they get, whether it is out of shock, admiration, curiosity, or disgust that people look at them.  and thirdly, they dress up to look like the character whose traits they identify with or the character whose traits they would like to have.  

because cosplaying has become immensely popular in the philippines, our government has decided to feature it in its tourism campaign ads. oh, the heck with tourist spots! 


recently, i even spotted conventions of middle-aged men and women cosplaying as security guards:

cosplaying has become a fad for people of all ages.  even newborn babies can't resist becoming cosplayers!