Monday, February 20, 2012

... interview on Pnoy and Grace Lee ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila, philippines)

Maridol Bismarck of Yahoo Philippines recently interviewed me on Pnoy and Grace Lee.  Below is my two cents' worth:

·    People have observed that Grace Lee is talkative while PNoy is quiet.  Do you think this will play a role in the longevity of their relatonship? Why or why not?

PNoy is probably quiet only out of proper decorum required of a president.  It certainly would be inappropriate and distasteful for the president to disclose details of his romantic affair when he should be attending to issues of national concern.  If he carried a position of lesser stature, then he would probably be as verbose as Grace Lee is in talking about their relationship. 

Grace Lee projects an image of being “head over heels” for PNoy.  PNoy will naturally be “on cloud nine,” feeling flattered that the woman of his desire is deeply smitten and gushing over him. 

·    Will Grace's Korean background play a role in the relationship? Why or why not?

Having stayed here in the Philippines for almost 20 years, Grace Lee has probably acquired Filipino attitudes towards relationships and thus, her Korean background may not play a big factor in the relationship. 

A more significant factor would probably be whether Grace Lee’s family is comfortable with having PNoy as a potential son-in-law, especially if they are a conservative and private family. 

·    What are the requirements from Grace if she gets into a relationship with PNoy?

Since Grace and PNoy have a Korean-Filipino May-December romance, Grace will also require PNoy to be more understanding of the differences brought about by their cultural backgrounds and age gap. 

Grace Lee and PNoy need a lot more time to get to know each other and build a solid foundation of friendship, intimacy, and commitment.

·   Why do you think have PNoy's relationships gone kaput? 

The easy answer to this is that there has been no “romantic chemistry” experienced between PNoy and all the other women he’s dated in the past. 

Romantic chemistry is based on the following ingredients:  a strong mutual liking for each other, a deepening sense of friendship, common interests, shared values and goals in life, similar ways of thinking, being different from each other in a way that complements each other’s weaknesses, and tolerance for each other’s shortcomings. 

Apparently, PNoy had previously been attracted to women who are not compatible with him.

·   Why do you think that he's still a bachelor at 52?

Straight men who prolong their bachelorhood do so for a number of reasons.  The most common reason is the fear of being tied down.  Many bachelors don’t want to give up the fun and freedom of single life in exchange for the serious responsibilities and obligations of marriage.  For some of these bachelors, marriage signifies an end to drunken night outs with the barkada or to a pastime of frolicking with women. 

Another reason for prolonging bachelorhood is the perpetual search for “someone better.”  They date women and get into relationships but are never content with the ones they have. 

Other common reasons for prolonged or eternal bachelorhood include being a loner type of person, being socially-inept when it comes to relationships with women, being celibate for spiritual purposes, carrying the burden of financially supporting one’s relatives, being a highly-independent person, and being a workaholic with no time for fun, leisure, and relationships.    

·    Grace said and denied that she is looking at marrying PNoy.  How do you think this statement will affect her and the president?

Grace Lee’s denial that she hinted at marriage can have a demoralizing effect on PNoy.  Imagine the elation that PNoy must have felt upon learning that Grace wanted to marry him, only to find out that the news report was false.  Any guy who experiences this would be disheartened.  To keep his spirits up, PNoy should keep in mind that what Grace denied are the statements alluded to her by the journalist.  Grace merely denies giving hints at marriage, but this does not mean that she doesn’t like PNoy or want to marry him.

If ever Grace and PNoy become an official couple, this incident should motivate them to strengthen their relationship so that they can withstand and ward off the gossip and false reports that are sure to hound them.