Saturday, February 18, 2012

... dream analysis - interpretation workshop at miriam college ... (life coach, counselor, psycholotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila, philippines)

ey supergirl ella guevara, thanks too for the kind words in your blog entry. sincerely, randy

As part of our college week, we were also asked to attend a Dream Interpretation talk by Dr, Randy Dellosa, yes the well-known resident psychiatrist of famous reality tv shows and a lot more :) 

To be frankly honest, I am not so interested in attending talks during college weeks.. but when I heard about this Dream Interpretation c/o the Psychology Department, I couldn't help but be extra interested and excited, much more when  they told us that Dr. Dellosa  was gonna do the talk.

Sooooooooo, with all efforts we went on this seminar despite the crowded room.. it was okay for us to sit on the floor just to be able to listen to what Dr. Dellosa has to say. True enough.. it was just amazing :) Very interesting and I did learn a lot from him. Worth all the time :) Parang nakakabitin pa nga eh :P

Our only picture with the famous Dr. Randy Dellosa :)
with blockmates.

The talk was just amazing, plus he was also very nice. :) Didn't let the chance pass not to take a picture with him! Hahahaha. So there. I just shared. And oh! Would you believe, I even recorded the whole talk using my phone? Yes I did. Just to be sure that I won't forget everything that he said in that talk :) That's it!

Love love love!