Tuesday, August 23, 2011

... GREAT (Growth and Recovery Enhancement for Anxious Thinkers): support group in the philippines for people with social anxiety/ phobia ...

GREAT: Growth and Recovery Enhancement for Anxious Thinkers

A group of brave souls who go out of their comfort zones in support of one another to break free from social anxiety and depression in the quest for a joyful and meaningful life.

Our Vision: A joyful and meaningful life

Our Mission: To support one another in order grow, evolve, and be empowered to break free from social anxiety and depression

Our GREAT Goals:

G - ood social interaction
R - ecovery from depression
E - nhancement of life’s growth
A - nxiety-free positive thoughts
T - ime-tested support for one another

Membership in this group is free but an essential requirement is that the member should willingly attend and actively participate in the group therapy sessions facilitated by a competent psychotherapist/life coach.

The group schedules therapy sessions at most twice a month, and each member attending gives donation for maintenance costs to our facilitator, the amount depending on the number of attendees and his capacity to contribute financially.

Activities for each session vary but mainly the group applies Gestalt therapy which is about the "here and now" experiential learning. Gestalt therapy emphasizes the importance of personal growth by working on one's unfinished business, and by being responsible for one's thoughts, feelings, choices, and actions. One's thoughts will be validated with what the group is actually thinking. The members are also challenged to do or experience the thing they fear. The group may also have healing sessions at times, like the facilitator may administer psychiatric acupuncture and may be teaching the group emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and how to perform reiki healing.

In between sessions, the group members continue to connect and support each other through the GREAT group page.



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  1. Dear Dr. Dellosa & all members of GREAT,

    I joined only today. I wish to participate in your session twice a month. How can I join you? Can u kindly send me information about your schedule of sessions and venue.

    Thank you.

    Mhajhar Lazaro

  2. Hi, I chanced upon your website because I was watching You tube and a video on clinical depression which I was diagnosed of said look for a support group..I hope your group is still supporting and still active. Please reply I am not sure if I will have the strength to move and go to your area but if you respond it could trigger a ray of hope in me. thanks.