Saturday, June 25, 2016

Personality Test: Would You Rather Live by the Beach or in a Mountain?

Hi friends! Personality test time for you:

Given the chance, would you rather live (1) by the beach, or (2) in a mountain? Think about it for a moment.

Before I give you the meaning of your choice, patalastas muna. ("Patalastas" is an ancient tagalog word meaning "TV commercial.") Let me tell you how some famous hills and mountains (a.k.a. "earth boobs" as President D might call them) originated.

Let's start off with Mount Mayon. Mayon Volcano has a tragic love story behind it: In olden times, there was this beautiful Bicolana princess named Magayon ("Maggy" or "Magz" for short) who had 2 suitors- one was her secret crush-slash-BFF, and the other was an annoying stalker. Well, it turned out that this annoying stalker had violent tendencies and had both of them murdered in cold blood. Miss Magz was quickly buried, and then, for some strange paranormal reason, her grave turned into a mound (like the mound of anay) which grew and grew until it became the Mayon Volcano we now know.

Next, the Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills originated from the relationship of 2 giants who were frenemies. These frenemies got into a fight and were literally and viciously mud-slinging at each other. After exhausting themselves, they kissed and made up and became friends again. Ecstatic and excited about their revived friendship, they immediately left the area without even thinking of cleaning up. Apparently, they weren't eco-friendly creatures. The mud-slinging mess they left behind transformed into the cute little chocolate hills which we now visit during vacations.

As for Batanes, the group of islands were made from volcanic eruptions and geologic forces. It's amazing how the violent forces of nature produced the majestic rolling hills of Batanes.

So back to our personality test.

Whether you believe in it or not, research says that if you prefer to live by the beach, you are most likely an extrovert. On the other hand, if you prefer to live in the mountains, then you are most likely an introvert. Makes sense, really. People hang out at the beach to party, and escape to the mountains for their hideaway. Now if you like both beach and mountain, you probably are an "ambivert" - one who can enjoy being by oneself or with others. :D

Good vibes, people of the Philippines! :D - Sincerely, Mahatma Randhi :D

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  1. It has been my longtime dream to have a house near the beach where I could watch the sunset with the person I love so much. But I consider myself an introvert because I enjoy being alone though my colleagues often tell me that their lives are happier when I'm around.