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TV5 T3 Reload: Bestiality: Hayop sa Pagmamahal; Hayop Rin ang Minamahal! (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, osteopath, quezon city, manila, philippines)

Certainly, dogs are considered to be man’s BFF (best friends forever!). But when the friendship between man and dog turns romantic and/or sexual, you know that something has definitely gone wrong! 

half-human half-goat

Just in 2006 alone, three marriages between humans and animals made headline news:

half-human half elephant

  • A Sudanese man named Charles Tombe was caught making love to Rose, who happened to be a goat. Expectedly, the tribal Elders got shocked by Charles’ scandalous act. Perhaps even stranger than the bestial act was the fact that the Elders ordered Charles Tombe to immediately pay a dowry of $75 and to marry the goat! 
  • An Indian woman who was deathly ill got miraculously well after offering milk to a cobra. She fell madly in love with the cobra and soon got married to it in traditional Hindu rites. The wedding was such a joyous event that it was attended and celebrated by 2000 guests!
  • A British woman married a sexually frivolous dolphin named Cindi which had fathered many baby dolphins from other female dolphins. Despite the dolphin’s promiscuous reputation, the British woman still chose to remain faithful to her dolphin husband, publicly professing that she was and will always be a one-dolphin woman. Mysteriously, Cindi the Dolphin died a few months after their marriage. 

  • half-human half-pig

    For psychiatrists, intimate relations between humans and animals is a psychiatric condition known as zoophilia or bestiality. There are a number of reasons for this sexual perversion to occur:

    • For one, feelings of emotional closeness naturally develop between humans and domesticated animals and pets. The feelings of emotional closeness may get sexualized, making the person act out his sexual impulses. The animals may even get trained by their owners to perform sexual acts such as intercourse or oral sex.
    • Secondly, there are a lot of videos on the internet portraying human-animal sex. Constant exposure to such videos numbs the viewers' sense of morality thereby making the viewer tolerant or open to such bestial acts.
    • Thirdly, anything considered culturally taboo arouses some curiosity about it. We Pinoys jokingly say that “kung ano ang bawal, iyon ang masarap.” Thus, some deviant-minded people may actually be drawn to that which is culturally or morally unacceptable.

    half-human half-dog

    • Fourthly, bestial acts may be part of an initiation practice to some gangs, or may be a religious practice in some cults.
    • Fifthly, some people who are geographically isolated from other human beings may engage in sex with animals out of convenience and availability. 
    • Sixthly, when religion strictly forbids guys from having premarital sex with women, the one option they have is to have sex with animals. Haven’t we heard stories of guys who “enter” unsuspecting camels from behind because their religion requires their females to be fully covered from head to toe. 
    • And lastly, human-animal sex may happen with a person who is out of touch with reality, whether it is due to drugs or a psychotic breakdown. 

    I don't know but these mythological characters from Philippine folklore seem to be products of bestiality.  Take a look for yourself:

    tikbalang:  half-human half horse

    sirena:  half-human half fish

    aswang:  half-human half-bat

    In Philippine Showbiz, Vice Ganda is fondly teased as being 25% male, 25% female, and 50% horse.

    Here I am with the TV5 T3 Reload crew.  They did a segment on zoophilia because of a recent viral video of a Pinoy guy having sex with a dog.

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