Saturday, July 20, 2013

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When actors and actresses approach me because of their addiction problems, it is either a drug detox program or drug rehab program that they want.  Being the “special” people that they are, they have special needs that have to be met, and most of these needs cannot be met by conventional drug rehabs.

celebrity who beat addiction: catherine zeta-jones

Most detox/rehab programs in the Philippines are 6 months to 2 years in duration and moreover, they require the addicted individual to be “locked up” for that long.  Unfortunately, a lengthy disappearance from the entertainment industry spells doom and disaster for an actor’s showbiz career. 

celebrity who beat addiction:  angelina jolie

Actors and actresses simply cannot afford to be out of circulation for a long time because they lose projects and other opportunities.  Being out of sight from public eye risks the loss of fans and the fading away of their popularity.  Also, if they are away too long, people start speculating about the actor’s or actress’s disappearance.  Rumor mills start generating gossip that the actress may be pregnant, or rightfully guess that the actor is caught up in an addiction problem. 

celebrity who beat addiction: johnny depp

Taking all these into consideration, what actors and actresses essentially request from me is an individualized, confidential, short-term and out-patient drug detox/rehab program that will meet their special needs. 

celebrity who beat addiction: oprah winfrey

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