Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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one day, when i was in 4th year high school, i learned that there was a poetry-writing contest ("tanaga" division) but that it was the very last hour to submit entries.  summoning the muse to inspire me, i quickly scribbled a tanaga in a few minutes and rushed to submit it.  one week later, much to my surprise, i was congratulated by my teachers for having won 1st place in that contest division.  

the contest was judged by the late Ms. Genoveva Edroza-Matute, the first-ever recipient for the Palanca Award for Short Story in Filipino.  Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan (fondly called Mr. Pagsi), the renowned founder of Ateneo's theatre group Dulaang Sibol, served as adviser for the event.

it's a very simple poem, really- a grade schooler could have composed it.  but in its simplicity, i hope that the tanaga inspires you in a profound way to persevere in times of hardship and to trust God in everything.

Ang Tangkay ng Buhay
ni Randy Dellosa

Tangkay ng ating buhay,

Tinik nararamdaman,

Ngunit sa dulo nama'y

Bulaklak namamasdan!

God bless you, everyone!  

by the way, 
when life gets too fast-paced 
and stressful for you, 
don't forget to stop 
to smell the flowers!

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