Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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jc gotinga of tv5 news asked me about new year's resolutions.  

when people are asked what their new year's resolutions are, they'll most probably mention the same resolutions they've made in the past new years.  

in my practice as a life coach, these are the common resolutions i hear:

- be fit and healthy by losing weight, eating more healthy foods, sleeping on time, relaxing more, exercising, etc.

- get rid of unwanted habits, behaviors, or attitudes

- have a more balanced, enjoyable, or simple life

- learn something new 

- finally do what you've been putting off

be more organized with time and belongings

- pay off debts, spend less, and save more

- have better relations with family, friends, or co-workers

- start a new relationship

help others

- become more spiritual.

when people aren't able to accomplish their new year's resolutions, it's most probably because they didn't really make a plan for it to happen.  in other words, they just "wished" that their new year's resolutions would come true while exerting minimal or no effort.  

there really is no magic secret to attaining new year's resolutions, but there are some guidelines to follow to ensure our success.  most probably, you've heard of the SMART way of goal-setting.  here is my version of the acronym:

- S:  Specific goals, Strategy should comprise Small "baby" Steps.

- M: steps and goals should be Monitorable, gains should be Measurable.

- A: be Accountable to someone.  It helps that someone checks up on your progress.

- R:  your goal and strategies should be Realistic.

- T:  make a Time-frame (a schedule) for your goals and strategies.  

happy new year everyone! i'll be excitedly waiting to hear of your success stories for 2013!

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