Sunday, March 4, 2012

... low self esteem in filipino women ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, quezon city, manila)

jon paolo "JP" barcelona, segment producer of Ben Tulfo's tv show BITAG, visited my clinic for an interview.  BITAG is an investigative program aired over TV5, Aksyon 41, and UNTV 37.  

cyril the camera man and segment producer jp

my conversation with jp focused on the low self esteem of filipinos.  we discussed how media (especially tv commercials) intensifies the insecurity which filipino have about their brown skin, small noses, and diminutive size.  

this low self esteem is manifested in the type of beauty contestants we field in international pageants.  we could be showcasing filipina beauty, but no! our international beauty contest candidates usually possess strong western features, rather than the malayan or hybrid asian  features typical of the common filipino.  in fact, many of our beauty contest representatives look like representatives of countries other than the philippines.  

let's not forget that we often see western foreigners in our country partnered with exotic-looking filipinas.  we have to undo our colonial mentality and love the way we look.  

oh and by the way, speaking of beauty contests, i'm going to humor my sister mirvi and post some old snapshots of her which i found on the net.  these are pictures of her when she won the ms. teen princess of the philippines title way back in the 1970's (which explains why the photos are in black and white).  after her coronation, she immediately flew off to caracas, venezuela for a shot at the international title.  

she now lives in maryland, u.s.a. and enjoys her stint as a zumba instructor. come back to the philippines soon ate mirvi!  we miss you :D