Monday, November 21, 2011

... the weirdest therapies ... (life coach, counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, philippines)

“Ang Pinaka…” hosted by Rovilson Fernandez is an infotainment program of GMA News TV 11, a sister TV station of GMA Network, Inc. It lists down the Top 10 of all things Filipinos want and need to know about. 

I was interviewed on 10 of the weirdest health therapies listed below.  Personally though, I didn't find the list of therapies weird enough.

10. Ho’oponopono:  a Hawaiian form of conflict management. 

9. Urine Therapy:  the golden liquid is considered curative in many parts of the world.  Famed singer Madonna, MMA fighter Lyoto Machida, Boxer Juan Manuel Marquez, and author J.D. Salinger all swear by it!  

8. Ear Candling:  entails lighting up one end of a candle and placing the other end in to your ear.  Most of the leading health organizations strongly dissuade people from trying this therapy.

7. Rebirthing Breathwork:  this I do in my clinic!  Through the use of "connected breathing," to resolve the trauma of birth.  

6. Beer Spa:  In some spas, you can have your bath and drink it, too!

5. Psychic Surgery: only in the Philippines! (and also in Brazil.)

4. Virtual Dolphin Therapy:  experience deep relaxation by watching dolphins frolick in deep sea.

3. Bee Sting Therapy: bee venom has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in illnesses.

2. Past Life Regression: through hypnosis, patients are able to remember their their past life memories. 
1. Snake Massage Therapy:  the slithering actions of the snakes are supposed to give you that ultimate soothing sensation for your tired and aching body.